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How to buy a daughter: choosing your baby's sex

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It's about being able to choose the sex of your offspring, and the ridiculous sums of money people spend doing so.

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Re: How to buy a daughter: choosing your baby's sex

  • I can't imagine. Baby #2 will most likely be it for us. Would it be cool if we had a boy? Sure. Do we really care? No; just like this time around, we'll want a baby. Just a baby. Hopefully one, but however many we're given. As long as it's a baby, we'll be happy.

    edit: I am pro choice. However, I vomit in my mouth a little at the thought of someone wanting to terminate a pregnancy based on the sex of the baby (in general; I know there are serious sex-linked disorders that can be deadly and play a huge role in decision making--I am referring to people who want to terminate just because the spinner didn't land on the right prize). I suppose I am less disgusted by the idea of determining the sex before the pregnancy is... begun (?) because at least that doesn't involve possibly terminating what was otherwise a wanted pregnancy just based on genitals. As someone who is... extremely close... to a transgender person, and I personally don't take to the gender binary myself, I just find it very sad. I mean, I have a daughter. If years down the road she decides to tell me that he is actually my son, then I will have a son. I shudder to think what these parents would do in that scenario, after pouring thousands of dollars into conceiving the "right kind of baby."

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  • Ridiculous. It's like I tell my 3rd graders: you get what you get, and you appreciate it.
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  • image cwm11985:
    Ridiculous. It's like I tell my 3rd graders: you get what you get, and you appreciate it.


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  • Being someone who had to use fertility treatment to even have a child this procedure makes me sad.
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  • We''s called Eugenics. And Hitler was a big fan....need I say more? 
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  • Completely ridiculous. 
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  • Wrong on so many levels. The fact that she considered termination because of the gender of her baby is flucked up. I'm pro-choice but reading that just pissed me off. Ughh.
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  • OMG that was the most ridiculous thing I have read lately... "desperate" to have're will live...there is so much more to life than worrying if you will have a girl or a boy.

    Also, she spent all the money and time and energy to have a girl...that is a waste of time...I can't even believe I would care that much about having a girl to go through all that. And, I feel that after all that fuss to have a girl, it seems like she thinks her boys are lesser children or something and the girl is the "holy grail" ....I feel kinda bad for them.

    I find it weird that people can get so attached to things they have never she has never had a daughter, so why so emotionally involved in it? Like having a daughter might not even be remotely what she thought it was going to be like anyway. She might not like "sewing and makeup" they are supposed to be individuals and you raise them to be their own little people..not clones of yourself..

    whatever I her money I guess...although I seriously thinks she needed getting hysterical over not having a girl is a bit crazy. I will never be an astronaut and go to the moon and yet I will live. lol

  • Someone needs to tell these people that girls are high maintenance. As I told my daughter yesterday when she asked what I would have done if she had been twins "the world cannot handle 2 of you". Lol. Seriously though, I really wasn't super excited about having boys this time but now that they are here they are wondeful! I never knew what I was missing out on. Sad to think others may never know the joy they missed because of their selfishness.
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