Flying with 2yo - ticket ?

Please don't flame if this is a ridiculous question; I've never flown with my kids before, so this is all new to me. 

We're planning a Disney trip for January, so it's like a 3.5 hr flight (only 2 hr return flight). Would it be insane to try to pass off a 2.5 year old as a handheld infant to save $200, or should I definitely get her a ticket? Please advise!  

Re: Flying with 2yo - ticket ?

  • If she is on your lap they will ask to see the birth certificate for age verification.
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  • You need to buy her a ticket.
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  • When I flew with my daughter on Southwest, they required her birth certificate as proof of age so you might not be able to do this.  I don't know if all the airlines do this though.

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  • See, this is why I'm thankful for the bump! Great info, def will get her a ticket. I was going to originally, but just as I was about to book, my sister in law (who is a frequent traveller) suggested that I didn't really need to get her one... obviously that was a tempting thought. Thank you!
  • You definitely need to buy her a seat. Even for a child under 2 riding as a lap child is really unsafe both for the child and for everyone around you. That would make the child the only thing on the plane (including decks of cards and pens) that isn't strapped down properly for take off and landing. Besides, if you put her on as a lap child and they figure out there that she's too old you'll have to buy a ticket for her at whatever the last minute price is and hope that there's even a seat available.
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