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Bottle-Feeding a Newborn Question

How long does it take you to feed your newborn?  My son is a week old and taking 3 ounces a feeding.  It takes about 20-30 minutes to feed him.  Is that too long or is that a good time frame?  I was wondering about the nipple speed (which is slow) but the bottles we are using only does Stage 1-Slow (0-3 months) and Stage 2-Fast (3-6 months).  Thank You!

Re: Bottle-Feeding a Newborn Question

  • That sounds like about how long it took for DS to feed at that age. If you get nipples that go too fast, it will choke him or he will end up with more formula on his face than in his mouth. We had a really hard time with that and wound up trying several bottles to find one that flowed slowly enough.


  • Her pedis told us to make the hole bigger or create a second hole in the slow flow nipples. The second size up is too much and like pp, she ends up with more on her face and outfit than in her mouth. 


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  • I would make sure he is awake. We pull off his socks and blow on his feet if he is falling asleep and not really eating.

    It does sound normal though. Hang in there. :) 

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  • mine is 12 days and he eats 2 oz at a time, it takes 20 mins with a break for burping. He sleeps about 3 hours between feedings most of the time ...overnight he has been going 4 hours and if we don't wake him he can even go 5 hours between feeding, but that's not good, so we usually wake him.

    He is awake during the evening though...from 6ish to 12am he doesn't really go down between feeding so far. He has been fussing in the evening at the 2.5 hour mark for more food, so I figure he is making up for sleeping longer overnight and in the afternoon between feedings.

  • my baby is 2 mos and she eats 3 oz every 2-3 hours from the slow flow b/c she chokes on the faster ones.  have you tried different bottles?  i did a review of a bunch of bottles on my blog, maybe it will help! 

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  • It took at least 40 minutes at that age. Now, at 5 weeks, it still takes on average 30 minutes.

    I'd be thrilled if I could feed her in 20 minutes! lol

    All my kids were slow eaters.

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