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31 weeks pregnant with twins!

I am 31 weeks today with twins.. i can not wait to have these babies i am so sick of being pregant!! I stop work at 32 weeks, is that too early? I want to have time with the babies after they are born too :)

Re: 31 weeks pregnant with twins!

  • Hi and welcome to the board! You may want to post an intro so the ladies that have been here for 9 months can get to know you a little bit.

    My last day of work is tomorrow. I'll be 37 weeks, full term, but I'm using a week of holidays and I have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. I wanted as much time with my little man afterwards as possible!

    I'm a FTM but I have heard from others who took early mat leave that they wish they would have wanted to start mat leave so they had more time with their LO's before they had to return to work.

    I think it's a decision you have to make with your doctor. If you aren't able to work anymore, definitely take off work. If you want to have more time with your twins after they're born (and your doctor says it's okay) then wait.

    GL making a decision!

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    Aren't you due in November??


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    Remembering my angel baby, Ezekiel, 09/03/2011...you will forever be in my heart.

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    Hi and welcome to the board! You may want to post an intro so the ladies that have been here for 9 months can get to know you a little bit.


  • Congratulations on your twins! There are several twin mamas-to-be on this board. Also introduce yourself on the Multiples board. The ladies there are SO supportive and welcoming, and extremely knowledgable.  

    It's common with twin pregnancies to take leave from work in advance of singleton pregnancies. I feel incredibly lucky to still be working at 36 weeks *knocks on wood* Are you having any complications (mono-di twins, high blood pressure, shortening cervix) where your doctor thinks you'll deliver in advance of 38 weeks? I'm trying to tough it out at work until 37 weeks so that I have as much time as possible with my babies afterwards, but that depends entirely on whether any complications are present and how you're feeling.

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  • Hi and welcome, although I think you're technically due in November since I'm 33w1d PG with twins and due 10/31 Wink

    My guess is you're posting here because it's likely they WILL be born in October?

    I just had my Dr. write me out of work (although I'm still working from home) this week. She said most twin momma's go out around 28 weeks because that's when you start measuring the size of someone 40 weeks and things start getting really uncomfortable so don't feel bad for being out already - do what you need to do to keep those babies cooking!

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