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Dollhouse for birthday gift?

I've been trying to come up with a gift for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  Aside from books and some puzzles, I've really only come up with a dollhouse.  I've found a few on Amazon, but am wanting input!  

They're kind of pricey, does your daughter play with one? 


Fischer Price Dora Dollhouse:


Fischer Price Loving Manor Dollhouse:


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Re: Dollhouse for birthday gift?

  • Doll house is my DD's favorite thing to play with. She makes up stories with people and puts her pet farm animals in there too to take a bath. It's so cute!  She's two and got it last Christmas.

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  • We got DD the Westport dollhouse from PBK for her birthday last month. Other family members bought the families and rooms for it. She has played with it almost every day since then. She really loves it and it's a beautiful dollhouse. I wanted something that wasn't too bright and noisy that would go with her room decor. Also it seems like it was very well built so I'm hoping it lasts a long time.
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  • DD has been very into her little people doll house recently.  I got it last summer very cheap from Walmart.  I guess it depends what you're looking for.
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  • I gave my girls the remodeled one my dad made me and my sisters when we were kids. I totally redid it, but furnished it with kidkraft furniture which we have been really happy with. If I didn't have that one, I would have bought one of the kidkraft ones, as they are big enough for barbie but made of wood. They sell them at target, but other places too. And their customer service is great!
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  • DD loves her dollhouse;  she has the FP Grand.  If you're going to spend the money (it's about the same as the Dora one), I'd go w/the FP Grand--has lots of accessories/more versatile.
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