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Thumb sucker ?

If you have a thumb sucker what are your plans on getting them to stop the habit?  Just curious.  My 17 month old uses her thumb only when she is tired.  Just looking for when and how you plan or did get them to stop.


Re: Thumb sucker ?

  • I have a finger sucker (first and middle). My plan right now is to let him outgrow it on his own. I have read that they almost always give it up by 4 years old, and normally thumb/finger sucking is not a dental problem until they start losing their baby teeth.
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  • If he is still sucking his thumb at 3 I will think about getting him to break it. For now I have no issue with him sucking on his thumb. My ped said most kids outgrow it on their own around 3. DD used to rock for self-soothing and only does it every once in a while now that she is closer to 3. 

    He also only sucks on his thumb when he has his blanket....take the blanket away and I think he will stop.  

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  • My daughter is a big time thumb sucker - 20 months. I have no desire to try and stop her yet. It does something for her and I just don't see the need to fight it. Will re-explore the idea as she gets older but I trust she will stop when she's done, not too worried about it. 


  • Ha-my oldest is turning 5 and still does it.  She doesn't do it all night any more, but does when she's tired, etc.  I try to tell her she can do it in her bedroom and usually she will choose not to go to her room.  But we have to remind her constantly, especially if she's watching tv or in the car.  I don't think there is much you can do, eventually they will stop due to peer pressure if nothing else.  At least I hope that's true.
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