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foley bulb induction?

I know I read a birth story or two with foley bulbs, but I can't remember who posted it. I did google-search the bump, which was pretty helpful, but I'm hoping that some of y'all might have experience with it.

I'm pretty effaced but not dilated, so they want to put a foley bulb in the night prior to induction. I'm going to ask more about it at my appointment tomorrow, but I'm not really sure why the bulb rather than cervadil...? I'm also really nervous that they won't be able to get it in, given my lack of dilation and posterior cervix. 

TIA for any insight/experience y'all have.  


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Re: foley bulb induction?

  • My hospital doesn't use cervadil so I had a Foley bulb. I was 1cm and 50 Percent effaced when then put it in and it took 2 hours for it to fall out. Once you get to three centimeters it falls out.
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  • I think that cervadil ripens the cervix while a foley bulb manually dilates it. I'm not 100 sure, though.

    I had a foley with DD1, and it got me to a 4 with very minimal cramping; in fact the most uncomfortable part was the tape that stuck it to my leg.
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  • I had one with DD and I was 1cm when they put it in and it came out in like 10 mins for me and I was 4cm. IMO The cervidil was worse as far as discomfort of insertion lol.
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  • I had one after 12 hours of Cervadil (which didn't dilate me at all.) I'm not gonna lie- the insertion hurt like an effing biatch. I had a very posterior cervix though. once it was in I couldn't feel it at all. But. it worked! It only took a few hours for it to fall out and I was at a 3 (stretchable to 4).
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  • I had the Foley bulb after the Cervadil failed to do the trick. 

    They inserted it when I was 1.5, and it came out at 4. (after maybe 3 hours?) They can blow up the balloon part to anywhere from 3 to 5. It gives constant pressure and forces the cervix to open.

    Ill be honest, it was extremely painful to insert and was not fun until my body adjusted to the pressure. However, it totally jump started something. Once the bulb fell out at 4, I dilated to a 10 within 30 minutes.  Not that it always works like that, but it made it worth the discomfort for me.

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  • This is all so helpful to hear. Thanks! 


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