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AW: Grateful for DH today

DH took today off work so I could have a "day off".  He let me sleep in, took DS to school, took me to lunch, and is picking up DS and taking him to gymnastics today.  It's an especially nice break to not sit through gymnastics because they don't have a/c and the bleachers are super uncomfortable.

In a rare experience I only got up once to pee last night about 4am and I slept in until about 9 (I'm normally up at 6:30).  So I got 2 solid blocks of sleep of 4.5 hrs and 5 hrs.  DH and I also went to the hospital to preregister today, so that's taken care of too.

To top it all off DH is also going to make dinner tonight.  I think he'll deserve some special attention tonight!

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Re: AW: Grateful for DH today

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