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bottle question

After I sterilize everything, nipples, bottles etc. what do I do with them? i have been putting them on a clean towel and covering until ready to use. Is that ok? The books werent' really specific other than boil for 5 mins to sterilize.

Also, bottles on the you prepare them with water and cap, then add powder later? or do you have to add water while out and about? I thought you had to boil water first. The only manual I had said don't use boiled water that has been out for 30 mins, and obvs if I am pouring into bottles for an outing, the water would have been in there longer than 30 mins.

I am frustrated by lack of info on this in my books..its all about breast feeding..I tried to make bf work for over a week and its just not for me.

Re: bottle question

  • Something that folks need to recognize is that once you take something that has been sterilized out of the container that you sterilized it in, it is no longer sterile unless your environment is sterile.  No one's home is sterile and neither is any area outside your home.  As soon as your bottle stuff touches the air, it is no longer sterile.  Knowing this, I have no idea why any one would bother doing anything other than clean stuff with soap and water as you would things that you eat from.  Moral of the story is...don't stress so much.  Your baby will exposed to the germs in your home and wherever you take him/her.  It will be ok.  Do the best you can and move on.
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  • You don't need to sterilize every time. Just was in hot soapy water and air dry. If you dry it use a clean paper towel not a cloth towel as if you use the more than once they can harbor bacteria from being wet. I use nursery water and just put it in the bottle. If you put clean water in a clean bottle your fine. Just make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before handling any bottle parts.
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  • Soak them once a day in soapy water, brush & air dry.  I sanitize them in the dishwasher on the sanitize setting once a week.

    It's impossible to sterilize at home unless you have an autoclave (which would get so hot it would melt the plastic) or a gas sterilize unit (which emits toxic fumes for a week after being sterilized and there for requires a room for venting for a week).

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  • I wash with hot soapy water and if there is room I will put them in the dishwasher once a week. I have a drying rack from BRU. 

    For when we go out I prefill the bottles with nursery water that we buy in gallons.  I keep the formula in one of those containers already measured so I just put the powder in and shake. I know not everyone buys the nursery water but the water here in FL is not great IMO, it smells.  

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  • We sterilize our bottles after washing them because I hand wash them and I don't trust the cleanliness of the sponge that I use to wash the parts. So, I boil them afterwards to remove anything that could have gotten on them from the sponge. My dishwasher doesn't work so great and it's really old, but if I had a more modern dishwasher that had a sani rinse, then I would just run them through the dishwasher and stick them on the dry rack.
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  • I wah and then use my microwave sterilizer. I use the sparkletts water from my dispenser. I put water in bottles and bring formula to put in it.
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