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Finally 6 months!

hey yall, my DD is 6 months and a week. She is rolling all over the place and even sitting up. She is eating all kinds of baby foods and loves to play. The only thing is that she's not crawling. She gets plenty of time on the floor, almost all day. How do I encourage her to crawl?
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Re: Finally 6 months!

  • My little man is 6 months and a week as well... he has been sitting on his own for weeks, rolls and plays all day... won't roll from back to stomach and starting to crawl BACKWARDS... it's hysterical but from what I read and what my dr. said, it's completely normal...   just keep putting baby's favorite toys away from her and she will fuss and try and get them - GOOD LUCK!


  • FUN TIMES! I played with toys just a little out of his reach to help him try to crawl. Little wood blocks worked great - I'd stack them up high and he would try to knock them over. He's now crawling like crazy and standing and he still always has to knock over a stack anytime he sees them - it's cute. I bought the Melissa & Doug blocks from I think. It will happen with time for your LO I'm sure :-)

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