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Anyone being offered/getting 17P?

I had an appointment this afternoon and while everything looked great, my MW mentioned 17P (weekly progesterone shots) to help give me a better shot at carrying this kid to term. Charlie was born at 34w 5d due to premature rupture. There is no guarantee (obviously) that they will work, but they increase your chance by 30-40%. I need to talk to my insurance company to see if they will cover them, but I'm not sure.

They mostly help with women who have had preterm labor, not necessarily just preterm rupture. My water broke as soon as I woke up that morning and I arrived at the hospital in active labor, so as the MW pointed out, I could have been having contractions or pain in my sleep and not realized.

It would mean going to the doctor once a week for a shot. There are minimal side effects, but I've also heard it makes for really big babies - which was NOT my problem (C was 6lbs 1oz when he was born).

What do y'all think? Anyone else making this decision right now?


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Re: Anyone being offered/getting 17P?

  • They just offered this to me this week and told me to research it if I want to but, I'm leaning towards not doing it for right now.
    If I had gone to term with my DD, I would've had a big baby already.
    I think if I get complicated with this LO, I'll consider it more but, so far it seems like a pain in the butt and a hard time getting it covered. My hospital would have the shot sent to my home and then I have to make an appt. to be given the shot afterwards. But, I know that's not the case for everyone.

    I think if you've got the time and are really concerned about going to term, it's a good option though. 
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  • Ask for MW about Prometrium vaginal suppository...it's progesterone as well.  I will be starting this at 18 weeks due to my almost pre-term birth.  You put one in vaginally at night time, so no need to go to the Dr.  I'm not sure if it's related to the prometrium, but I do have to have a tranvag u/s every 2 weeks to check on the length of my cervix.  Short cervix = chance of water breaking early.
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  • My water broke with my twins at 19 weeks. No labor. I was put on hospital bed rest until I finally went into labor at 23 weeks.
    With my son, we did p17 shots from week 16-36. I had to be induced with my son at 39 week. It took 36 hours of labor and a c-section to get that kid out. I'm a firm believer in P17 shots.
    I also had a friend that had a late term preemie due to PROM. She was on P17 shots throughout her second pregnancy and carried him to term without issues.
    I'm taking them again. Well worth any risks IMO.
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