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I Need Help...

I've had chest discomfort for about 18hours.  I know what acid reflux & indegestion feels like... its not that, I even took tums to make sure.  Last night it was a sharp pain in my sternum (babys not that high, he stays low), to the point where I thought it was my bra, so I took it off and nothing seemed to relieve it... when I finally got to sleep and woke up this morning, it was not so much sharp, but a dull pain. Now, when I got to work it was still there and when I went to walk to the bathroom (not far away, maybe 30feet) it shot back up to a sharp pain..



anyone have any ideas???


Also- I contacted my doctors office and spoke to a receptionist who didnt seem at all concerned or willing to pass my message along, just kept saying I was having acid reflux. 

Re: I Need Help...

  • No idea, but I would call back and insist that the doctor or nurse calls you back if you are worried. 

    From the way you are describing it I would wonder if it was a strained muscle or pinched nerve. 

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  • I get sharp gas pains that feel like that pretty much every evening. Maybe try some gas x and see if it helps. But if you are concerned, definitely insist to speak to a nurse.
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  • Are you under any stress at all?

    You are describing exacts what a stress attacks feels like to me. Mine are never during the stressful situation but rather after once I start to unwind from it. I usually don't even realize that I'm that stressed until I feel the pain. Looking back I'm usually like...yeah I guess I've had a lot on my mind/plate.

    To me they feel like sharp pain in my sternum or that someone put a cement block on my chest

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  • YES!

    I have this pain right under my left breast, on my sternum, and it is what you describe except most of the day it is just numb.

    Last pregnancy I asked my NP because towards the end it even hurt to laugh!! She said it was just heartburn, but seriously doesn't feel like that. I just went with it, she told me I could stretch my arms upwards to try to help it. I guess something to do with baby pushing all the organs around.

    I didn't believe her when she said heartburn, but it didn't bother me after delivery, I am sad it came back this time, it sometimes even bothers me to lie down.

    Sorry! I'm not helping just saying me too!

    I may ask the dr Next week.  

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  • So I had a doctors appointment and he is saying it may be gallstones? Im going for a sonogram today to check. It's getting to the point it's uncomfrotable to sit so I'll be glad when they determine what it is!!! I also got some medicine stronger then tums. Thank you all for your inputs and personal experiences though! Made me feel like I'm not the only one
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