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XP: Hiccups as movement

My midwife said you can even count hiccups as movement.. I don't think this is a standard "practice" necessarily but for people who DO count them.. how do you? every hiccup? or just that he has the hiccups as one movement?


Personally, I don't think I'd be satisfied knowing baby was okay if he just got the hiccups and hiccuped 50 + times. I feel like I'd need some movements in there. Baby hasn't moved much today but after I pushed around on my stomach he has had the hiccups for the past 5 minutes or so. 


ETA: For those who do count or are worried about movement, if baby gets the hiccups, are you reassured by those? Just curious :)  

Liam Dean | 09.11.12 | 6lbs 13oz

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Re: XP: Hiccups as movement

  • I am always reassured by hiccups! With my DS, he never burped after he was born but he had hiccups every night. Doc said hiccups were a great indicator that lungs were developing, etc...so yes. I would only count them as 1 b/c its a process to get rid of them but if baby is having them, I wouldn't worry.
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