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Carrying low & dropping

So I'm one of the later Sept. mamas, and I have an inexplicable feeling that I might end up an early Oct. mama instead. (Due the 28th, but if I were wagering, I'd bet on Oct. 1. No idea why.) Anyway, I've been carrying really low the entire time and at this point, I can't imagine this little boy settling any lower into my pelvis than he already is. That said, is it obvious when baby drops for low carriers? 

If this is a stupid FTM question, forgive me. Just wondering what to expect. 

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Re: Carrying low & dropping

  • It might not be as obvious by looking at you if you were already carrying low, but you will probably be able to tell when baby drops. You will feel like you have a bowling ball between your thighs and you won't be able to cross your legs. At least, that has been my personal experience with both pregnancies, and this is how all my mom friends have described it too.
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  • No personal experience here, but I was told that you'll feel a difference regardless of whether you carried low or high. A friend of mine said that if nothing else, you feel your belly against your legs a LOT more after baby drops (while you're sitting down).

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  • Yes, you'll know.  I've been carrying low this whole pregnancy but when this baby dropped (and then dropped again), I felt like I was going to die.  I have constant pressure and pelvic pain (like I want to put frozen peas on my crotch kinda pain).  At my last OB appt on Thursday my doc told me the baby was so low it's barely in there, lol!


    GL mama! 


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  • I agree with most of the PP statements. I have carried both of my girls low and have always had some kind of pressure but when they dropped it really feels like my lady parts and pelvis are being crushed. It is getting hard to stay standing for any length of time. I am due on the 27th :)


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  • Thanks ladies! I appreciate the info! Good luck to you all!
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  • With my first I never felt like I dropped. I feel the same this time despite my doctor saying DS is very low.
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  • I've been carrying super low my entire pg - and although I didn't really see a difference physically when he dropped I certainly can feel it.  Like you, I couldn't imagine he'd be able to get any lower, lol.. you'd be surprised.
  • I can't imagine mine getting any lower, either. She's already in my lap and I've been icing my crotch for months from the intense pressure and pain. Her head is still 3, though, so there's room for her to drop. I'm scared the pressure will get even worse!
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  • I'm a FTM as well, and my boy has been really low the entire time. I didn't notice when he dropped fully. I'd been having cervical lightning, a ton of pressure, and discomfort for a couple of weeks. I thought he as as low as he could get, but when I went in Tuesday, my MW said he'd dropped and was now fully engaged. So no, you may not notice it.
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