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Progesterone and peanuts

I kinda funny story about my progesterone experience. So I had the ovidrel and the progesterone all set up to be delivered and of course that's when I start looking everything up and reading post about the drugs. Turns out that most mail ordered progesterone suppositories are made with peanut oil. This didn't raise and red flags for my doctor or the pharmacy because I'm not allergic, my HB is. So I called my doctor the next morning and asked if this would be a problem. Yes! I could have send my HB into anaphylactic shock while having our timed intercourse! I just though wouldn't that be a great story to share with the ER doc's. Turns out that there was a walgreens close that makes them on site with a olive oil base. So I'm all set. Btw..this is round 1 of "super ovulation" for us after two years of TTC with 3 losses. 

Re: Progesterone and peanuts

  • Thank goodness you researched this!  Fingers crossed this is your cycle.
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  • Wow!!! That would have been scary, an orgasm that would literally take his breathe away!
    So glad you caught it!
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  • Oh my goodness! I am so glad you did your reading. That would have been a scary experience!

    Good luck with the new drugs, I hope they work out for you. FX. 

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  • image katharine25:
    Wow!!! That would have been scary, an orgasm that would literally take his breathe away! So glad you caught it!


    *Snort laugh* but in all seriousness I'm glad you caught it too

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  • Yikes!! Scary thought and thank goodness you caught on to it! Good luck with super ovulation! Looks like your plan is similar to mine. ;) 
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  • Close call on that one!  Good thing you're paying attention.  As someone with an anaphylactic allergy, I can tell you that your DH is very grateful for your diligence.

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  • Whoa! Good catch!!

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