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Advise on weaning needed!

Hi everyone, I am looking to wean LO from BF ASAP. I want to stop because I need to start a medical treatment that I've been putting off because I am BFing. So far I've been doing well, but I'm having more and more flare ups recently, and feel that to be a good mom I need to take care of myself too. LO has always been a difficult feeder, solids, breast and bottle... you pick, it's a battle. But now that I have been making attempts to wean him he just wont let me. I know I need to stand my ground, but I am a sucker for his big crocodile tears.  how did you guys wean? any pointers would be useful!TIA! PS: also in Nov 11 moms 
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Re: Advise on weaning needed!

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