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Advise on weaning needed!

Hi everyone, I am looking to wean LO from BF ASAP. I want to stop because I need to start a medical treatment that I've been putting off because I am BFing. So far I've been doing well, but I'm having more and more flare ups recently, and feel that to be a good mom I need to take care of myself too. LO has always been a difficult feeder, solids, breast and bottle... you pick, it's a battle. But now that I have been making attempts to wean him he just wont let me. I know I need to stand my ground, but I am a sucker for his big crocodile tears.  how did you guys wean? any pointers would be useful!TIA! PS: also in Nov 11 moms 
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Re: Advise on weaning needed!

  • I was EPing but i weaned slowly by cutting sessions. I introduced formula by doing bottles of half bm half formula to get ds used to the taste. Take your time weaning engorgement can lead to clogged ducts which can lead to mastitis
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  • Gradually space out feedings, offer more snacks in form of a bottle or solids (whatever he accepts best) cutting 1 feed per week is best but if you are in a hurry I wouldn't cut more than 2 per week

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