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40 weeks 3 days.....

Well yesterday at my appt I was 1 1/2 cm. very thin and babies head is very low. Great news but she also set an induction date of next Tuesday night so 41 weeks. I'm disappointed that it might have to come to that I really want to experience the labor process on my own and I know induction could take days... At this poin I just want whatever is best foy baby Nolyn and I. Anyone have a good induction experience??

Re: 40 weeks 3 days.....

  • I was induced with my first son at 40 weeks 4 days and even though I wanted to go on my own, I wanted my baby to be delivered safely. It was actually nice to check into the hospital very calm and prepared. My induction was a great experience. I was 2cm 100 effaced when I checked into the hospital. I had the pitocin and epi and was in labor for 6 hours. My son came out after 10 mins of pushing.
    Hopefully you'll go into labor on your own but induction isn't necessarily bad. I know everyones experience is different. Hang in there!
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