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How do you store crayons & markers?

I'm looking for a way to tidy up the crayon / marker mess that happens everytime DS colors.  I currently am just using a plastic gladware container, but it just always seems so messy!  How do you store them?
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Re: How do you store crayons & markers?

  • I have 3 little buckets (from the dollar spot at Target) on her little table.  One is markers, one is crayons, and one is colored pencils, glue and scissors.  I'm planning on hanging a chalkboard on the wall by her table and hanging the buckets there too on hooks.  

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  • We use plastic baskets of assorted sizes.  DD has her own cabinet in the kitchen near her table and I keep all her art supplies in there - paper on one shelf, and markers/crayons/pencils/stamps/stickers on the other shelf.  They are not organized neatly in the baskets, but everything's separate, and it's in a cabinet, so I don't have to look at it. :)
  • I"m not a nice mom I guess, they don't have free access to coloring things b/c I can just envision what would happen...not to mention they always leave the caps off markers so they'd all be dried up.

    Most of their crayons are in an old wipes container that I just pull out when they want to color. Markers are still in the original package & I usually just stick them in a plastic cup when they want to use them & put it on the table.  I have a drawer in the kitchen that has crayons, markers, coloring books, some color wonder stuff, a few sticker books. They can actually get into that drawer but they will usually open it, look around & then ask me to get specific things out for them.

    For general craft items, I have a box from ikea that is like a plastic box & then has a 2 section inset and a lid. In the big box/bottom is the construction paper, larger things, sticker books, tubes of paint etc and in the top section is glue sticks, colored pencils, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, random stuff. This is on a shelf in a closet, out of their reach, I pull it out when they want to do arts & crafts.

  • We have a plastic container with a lid. I think it's Rubbermaid. I also keep them in a separate room out of DD's reach when she's not using them. If I don't, she leaves them all over the house and DD2 can get them and hurt herself. 

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  • We use old baby wipe containers.
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  • Crayons are in an open tin with a handle that I keep on top of fridge. Coloring books in playroom. He asks to color, will pick out book and I'll get crayons. Put away when done.
    We have a dog who ate the crayons once so out of sight works best for us!
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  • A big giant ziplock bag.
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  • plastic rubbermaid containers with lids.  One for crayons, one for markers.  The containers live in his closet, unless we are using them.

    I'm not really sure what other options there are.  Even at school, i use plastic containers and my students use plastic pencil boxes


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  • in empty diaper wipe containers
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