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So, I had a last minute U/S today b/c baby was measuring small for dates. I am 36 wks 5 days. Baby looks great, healthy and then I ask the girl...so, we're good then. And I get the dreaded response "the doctor will be in, just a minute." Darn it! So, turns out I have such a little amount of fluid left I get put on "bed rest with lots of fluids" guess what? I have a 4 year old, my husband is stuck in AZ with the army...very funny. I have a follow up next week but I already have so many questions b/c Im supposed to be having a VBAC already. Am I defective when it comes to regular pregnancies or what? I just needed to throw it out there to the void, my husband has been super unsupportive since he found out he won't be here for the delivery and I get no where talking to him tonight.

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  • Did they give you a number?  According to my OB, under a 5 is "dangerously low", and they prefer you to be around a 10-12.  I was an 8.7 a few weeks ago, was told to keep my feet up and drink lots of water.  Went back in 5 days later, was up to 9.7.  One week later was at 13.6, my OB isn't concerned anymore.

    So, drink lots of water!

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  • My number was 6...or so I overheard. I think I drank a gallon today so, Im working on it!
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    My number was 6...or so I overheard. I think I drank a gallon today so, Im working on it!

    Good luck, I hope you can get it up!  If not, at least you are far enough along to be "ok" if baby comes early!  There was a woman in there when I was there who was something like 25 weeks and had very low fluid, she had to go in to labor and delivery.  Really put things into perspective for me.

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  • My AF was low at around 32 weeks, I think? It was around a 6. I was told to take it easy and drink a TON of fluid and come back the next week. When I went back it was back in the normal range.

    Hopefully you just had an off day. Chug, chug, chug!

    At this point even another week in there will help baby a lot. My daughter was born at 36 weeks and did pretty well but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have needed NICU time if I could have kept her cooking another week.

    Hang in there, put lots of cartoons on TV for your 4 year old, and drink up!

  • I hope your levels go up! I also have low levels (they didn't tell me AFI though i think it's very very low, but my deepest vertical pocket is still 'ok' so they say it's still alright not to induce). I dunno, maybe it's cause I'm so far along but both the u/s tech and my doc said drinking more wouldn't help and to just rest. But I figure drinking lots can't hurt, right?
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  • I went to my appointment yesterday and had my levels rechecked. They were down to a 6.5 so they sent me to the hospital hooked me up to fluids and did a stress test on my baby. I am now put on bed rest and have to go twice a week for stress test now the rest of my pregnancy. I feel for you I also have a 5 yr. old and 2 1/2 yr. old. It's not easy to let yourself lady and try and have people help. Good Luck!
  • Lots of luck to all my fellow ladies...headed to the doc tomorrow afternoon to see what my options are and back to the specialist next week. First preschool day for DS too though so, more rest for me :)
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