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Are you using a plate/bowl yet?

Is LO eating from his/her highchair tray or do you offer food on a plate or in a bowl?

I just bought this plate: a couple of days ago for cheap at TJ Maxx and DS uses it as long as he is interested in the food. Once he gets full and bored, he starts to play with the plate. We will probably hold off for another week or so and then try again. He seems to like it!  

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Re: Are you using a plate/bowl yet?

  • We are just using the high chair tray as of now, but will be trying out plates soon. I have not bought any so thanks for the info!



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  • Both. Mostly her tray but we also let her check out her bowl until she gets rowdy.

    She has a stoneware le creuset multi bowl.
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  • No, not unless I want to clean my floors.  I've tried giving him one of DD's bowls a few times and all he does is play with it until he knocks it on the floor. 
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  • Nope. Doesn't last even a second. Food goes directly on the tray. He even gets the suction bowls off.

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  • I tried a bowl once, and ended up having to take apart the high chair to clean it and vigorously bathe LO. It was fun while it lasted, though!

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  • I usually just put it directly on the tray however a few days ago when I was almost done feeding him from the bowl, I gave it to him to see what he would do and he picked it up to drink out of it like you would with soup broth. It was super adorable. I'll start giving him a bowl/plate soon.

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