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Bloodwork scare

So I had my 1st ultrasound and everything looked great measuring at 10 weeks w/ a hb. Today I went in to et all my bloodwork done, they called me back needing me to give more blood bc I have an antigen in my blood, they mentioned something about blood transfusions and previous pregnancies, I never had a bt and had a miscarriage this past February, my mind is all over the place thinking of what it could be (HIV, rh,  etc) of course they can't give you any info but the guy I spoke to each time sounded like he was giving me a death sentence. Has anyone had the same experience? Just when I thought my stress was decreasing tis happens :(

Re: Bloodwork scare

  • Are you Rh negative? How far along were you with your miscarriage? I would call and ask for more explanation as to what they're looking at. At least then there would be less guessing. Hugs, hope it's all ok.
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  • Thanks for replying, the lab can't say anything, all results will go to my doctor when they come in. This was my 1st round of blood work so they tested for everything, blood type, antibody screen, rpr, hepatitis, rubella, cystic fib., HIV, varicella, etc. 

    My previous miscarriage never made it past 6 weeks.


    Thanks for your kind thoughts. 

  • Do you know your blood type? This sounds like the scare they gave me when I didn't get the RH shot after my miscarriage (they never told me I needed it) so when I went in weeks later they said I could very well now have antigens in my blood. They had to do further testing. 

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