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So let me preface this with, I know many people think growth calculations via U/S are extremely inaccurate but this is the same U/S tech that has watched me throu all of my pregnancies and she was nearly spot on with my other two and says that she is no more then a half pound off. 


So I went today for my 34 wk check up plus an ultrasound because they are watching my fluid (it's been very high). Two weeks ago, he was measuring 5lbs5oz and today he is measuring 7lbs2oz. A TWO pound growth spurt on a already big baby. Now both my other kids were big (9-14 and 9-4 respectively) but I think this one has the chances of being the biggest. Based on femur he is measuring 2 weeks ahead and based on head, he is measuring 4 friggen weeks ahead. DS2 has a. If head too,  it I've got to push that thing out of me!  She rechecked her measurements like 4 times and came up with the same result every time. This is making the end much more real and now I'm actually starting to get nervous. 

Anyway, just wanted to share my results.......and my fears.  I still have 5.5 weeks left although luckily both my boys came a week early.  


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