How much milk to leave sitter when going out

My mom has offered to watch the kids this Friday so hubby and I can have date night (we couldn't be happier!) so we have decided on going to a movie. This will be the first time we will leave our newborn for more than an hour and I have no idea how much milk to leave for my mom.

I bought the Ameda pump last week and I tried it for 15 minutes to see how much milk I can extract and got almost 3 oz in one session.

I was going to start pumping tomorrow for Friday but I'm not sure how much to pump? Will one 4 oz bottle be enough?

Also, the movie is 2 hours long and we were thinking of doing dinner before hand so most likely we will be gone for about 3-4 hours. Will my supply suffer a bit if I go 4 hours without nursing or pumping?

Thanks a bunch!

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Re: How much milk to leave sitter when going out

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