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increased amniotic fluid

This morning I had my weekly ultrasound and Nst. I had made mention that I was feeling LO move as often now but was getting movement. The ultrasound showed I have increased fluid levels from last week. Last week she said it was 18 and this week it was 24. So what did I do. Went to Dr. Google. Now I got myself a little worried and am going to call the office after lunch to ask the nurse for peice of mind until I see the Dr. friday... I'm a FTM so if something is out of the so called "normal" I get a little worried....any other moms had extra fluid....Im assuming this has something to do with my GD?
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Re: increased amniotic fluid

  • My fluid levels were at 22 last week at my ultrasound.  My doctor said not to worry about it since they have been running about 17 at my previous monthly appointments.  I read that anything up to 24 was still in the normal range.  I get another ultrasound on the 17th, so I'm not worrying unless the levels go way up.  I also read that fluid levels peak around this time of pregnancy.

  • I had extra fluid with DD but no one knew until my water was broken as part of my induction.  I hadn't had an u/s since the anatomy scan and the OB just thought I was going to have a big baby.  I did not have GD or any issues.  Hope that helps you at least calm your fears.
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  • I've got extra fluid ( been measuring between 26-29). They have been monitoring me every two weeks because of it. Mine is not related to GD but I do know that this is a related symptom of GD. My MW insists there is nothing to worry about it. 

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  • thanks for the replies. hopefully i can ease dh heart when he gets home. this pg has been rough on the both of us and it seems like when something can pop up it does. guess we will see what the dr has to say friday.
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  • I had this happen for a few weeks.  At week 27 I had 31cm of fluid (around twice as much as I should have had), but by week 32 I was back down to 18cm.  I don't have GD or any other health complications.  GD can cause increased levels, but try not to stress until you talk to your doctor.  They told me that there was nothing to worry about and that many times the fluid levels go back to normal on their own, which is what happened to me.  Many many many women who have polyhydramnios have normal, uncomplicated deliveries.  The key is to make sure your doctor is monitoring you and communicating.  Good luck!
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