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so...who else failed the glucose screening?

I didn't pass the 1 hour glucose screening. I missed the cutoff by 4 points. Go figure. My OB said she really does not think I have GD, and that the fact that I'm on bed rest may be affecting my numbers. Sooo...I get to do the fasting and 3 hour test while I'm in the hospital. I will have to fast after midnight...and then will get blood draws at 5,6,7, and 8am....ugh! Will drink the glucose at some point in there...forgot when.

Who else failed the screening? Did you pass the actual test? How much worse is the glucose drink the second time around?...I heard it was going to be twice as sugary for this test. 

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Re: so...who else failed the glucose screening?

  • I failed the 1 hour by just a few points and had to take the 3 hour.  I was fine with the 1 hour but found it hard to keep the drink down during the 3 hour test, it really did make me feel sick but as soon as it was over I ate and felt much better.  I passed the 3 hour test so I don't have GD.

    Good luck and make sure you bring a snack to eat immediately after!!!

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  • I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour no problem. The blood draws weren't so fun because I have horrible veins but otherwise it was tolerable. The first hour is probably the worst. And yes the drink is twice as sugary. Good luck to you! Hope your baby keeps on baking and that those contractions stop! 
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  • Ok, don't worry. I failed the 1hr glucose test also by a 'few' points....HA, when I asked about the test I failed by 30pts! Yes 30! I asked if that meant that I had GD and she couldn't say for sure but it wasn't looking good in my favor. Anyway, I had my 3 hr fasting test last thursday and passed. Everything was normal. They took my blood when I first arrived then I drank the even more sugar infused glucola (yes you are correct about the sugary-ness) and then had blood drawn at 10, 11 and 12. It sucked but at least I passed. It really does suck having to take the test but it's better to know than not to. GL : )
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  • Ok, don't judge... I haven't even gone yet. I am SO scared to...  I have to have it done by next week. Sad
  • I failed the first one ? they never gave me my numbers. I came in the second time and passed with ?flying colors.? I didn?t think the drink was that much worse but the nurse told me she?s never seen anyone drink it that fast neither, I just downed it.

    Good luck!


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  • I haven't gone yet either. Haven't seen the doctor in a good few weeks. I'm sure I'll get a scolding next week when I make my appointment.
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    I haven't gone yet either. Haven't seen the doctor in a good few weeks. I'm sure I'll get a scolding next week when I make my appointment.


    I am SO relieved I'm not the only one!

  • I failed the 1hr by a bit.  My doc sent me for the 2hr the next week.  I passed with flying colours (all numbers were well within the acceptable range).  If you were that close to passing, then maybe they could just do the 2hr.  I bet you would pass it.

    The 1hr GTT drink is 50g of glucose.  The 2hr drink is 75g and is sweeter.  It really didnt' bother me, other than make me thristy and you can't drink anything until after the final draw, which kind of sucked.  The 3hr drink is 100g and will be sweeter still.  GL.

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  • Yeah, just found out I flunked it...  Not sure by how much, my friend at the office is going to get the number for me.  BUMMED.

    ETA: By 23 points.  Not even close.


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  • I failed the 1 hour. Needed 140 or less and got 166. I passed the 3 hour (as far as I know, it's been 2 weeks with no phone call saying I failed). I had fruit punch the first time and the lemon lime the second.


    I felt relatively fine during the 3 hour. I brought a book and a bottle of water and besides being hungry and bored, it really wasn't that terrible.

  • I failed everything. Failed the 1 hour with a 195 and failed hours 1 and 2 of the 3 hour.  

    The drink really is not that bad. First, it's tiny.  Second, pretend you're drinking kool aide or something you used to drink at summer camp instead of looking at it like this big obstacle you must drink within a certain amount of time. The 3 hour test is long and it sucks getting 4 blood draws. If you only failed by a bit, hopefully you'll pass. Everyone told me to get up and walk around as much as possible to pull your number down.  Now that I have to check my blood sugar 4x/day, I wish I had heeded their advice during the three hour test.  

    Good luck! 


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  • Failed my 1-hr. Was 148, the nurse on the phone said mine was "really high" and they were looking for 135 or under. Other ladies I've seen post on here say their cutoff is 140. I think calling me "really high" was mean and excessive. Ha!

    My 3-hr. is Saturday. Keeping fingers crossed..... 

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  • Failed the one hour by a lot....135 was acceptable. I came in at like 180 something.

     Took the 3 hour....failed that miserably too.....1 hour was 155, 2 hour was 200 and 3 hour was over 300. So GD it is for me. Started the diet and monitoring today. So hard to remember to test 2 hours after a meal! And hard to do when you are teaching at that's not like I can run out of the room! UGH!

     Good luck---your numbers were much closer---bet you pass the 3 hour test easily!

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  • For DD1:  Failed the one hour, passed the 2 hour

    For DD2: Failed the one hour, failed the 2 hour.  I have GD.

     I didn't even notice the difference between the drinks, but I had the 2 hour, not the 3 so it isn't quite as sweet.

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  • Failed one hour passed the 3 hour with no issues.
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  • I failed it too...doc said the cutoff was 140 and my level was 146.  I have the 3-hour tomorrow morning.  To compensate for having to take the test, I took the rest of the day off work and am meeting my Mom for lunch & shopping afterward :)  Good luck!
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