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Morning sickness relief?

It's gotten to the point I can barely function. Even saying words that have food names make me sick. I'm literally eating only popsicles and have been for a week. I'm taking nausea pills prescribed by my doctor but they barely help. Does anyone have any tips, home remedies, or ideas? Much appreciated!

Re: Morning sickness relief?

  • Have you tried ginger? I found this gum made by Sea bands (the motion sickness wristbands) called Anti-nausea Ginger gum. It really helped me out a few times when I thought vomiting was inevitable. Ginger ale didnt really do much, and I havent tried the ginger tea, but I am in love with that gum right now!! Hope you get some relief soon...Hang in there...

  • Aw, I am sorry you're so sick.

    With DD I pretty much puked my way through 18 weeks even on Zofran. I was able to drink cold Boost shakes--you might try something like that to get in some calories and fat. I was also able to tolerate ice cream.

    Have you tried taking vitamin B6 and unisom? That can really help too.




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  • I'm sorry it's gotten that bad  : (

    I can only offer up what has worked for me but then again my ms rarely got to the point where I could not function at all.

    Sea bands or psi bands (motion sickness remedy)

    You can get whats called Pregnancy Wellness Tea from Amazon. It helps soothe my tummy because it has both ginger and mint in it.

    Believe it or not, eating helped with my ms. Oatmeal and baked potatoes. And have you considered trying flat 7 up?

    Also, plenty of rest.

    Hope you get the relief you need soon!

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  • Oh, yes. Flat 7up is my drink of choice. It's the only thing I drink. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. I have drank ginger ale but it didn't help at all so I gave up on it. 

    Thank you everyone for the advice! Lots of things I didn't even know about that I'm definitely going to try. My morning sickness sucks so bad and it seemed to come on so suddenly. I was trying to eat only healthy foods once I found out and now I'm eating only popsicles and warm 7up. I've even been hospitalized for dehydration because of the vomiting. It's soo awful.

    Thanks for all the support and advice! 

  • I forgot about potatoes! Baked potatoes or the instant mashed help too
  • That's so strange because anything to do with potatoes is the only thing doesn't make me feel sick thinking about it. My wonderful grandma is making me a bunch of potato meals to help lol.
  • Something else that may seem obvious, but REST. Lots and lots of rest. I found my M/S was much, much worse when I tried to do too much or wasn't getting enough sleep.

    I know it's hard between work/home/etc. but try and make resting your #1 priority after you get through your work day.


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  • image jenny1980:

    Something else that may seem obvious, but REST. Lots and lots of rest. I found my M/S was much, much worse when I tried to do too much or wasn't getting enough sleep.

    I know it's hard between work/home/etc. but try and make resting your #1 priority after you get through your work day.


    I did mention this already in my reply but I'm glad to see someone else mentioned it too!  Let me just say that once I kicked my snoring husband out of our room and into our spare I finally got the rest I needed. Not sure if it's coincidental or not but it was shortly after that my m/s started to subside some!

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  • Well I did get my first full night of sleep last night and I'm feeling great right now. But I always feel best in the morning so we'll see if it lasts. Here's hoping!
  • I have realised that the gas contributes to the nausea. Making sure not to wait too long to eat helps and drinking lots of ginger tea to help with the gas helps. I also try to have fruits beside me throughout the day so I am always eating something (healthy).

  • Good luck to you.  I promise you are not alone! I spent Sat. at the hospital.  Makes for a fun holiday weekend ;)  I have noticed that eating smaller meals helps some.  Potatoes were my "go-to" food w/ my daughter but this time they DO NOT stay down.  Bagels and toast have been my friend this pregnancy.  Ginger has not helped me at all- I wish it would.  And Zofran is worthless.  I finally got my doc to give me a perscription of phenergan- I have heard that can work for ppl.  Lets just hope it starts to calm down a little for all of us in the next month or so.  FX

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  • Thank you SO much for posting this thread, AND for everyone's replies! I'm with you girl... Soooo sick, and it effects everything in my daily routine :(  Last night I just cried from the pukey feeling and just hopeless frustration. HOW am I gonna last the next couple of months? ugh....
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  • I've been taking 100mg of B6 vitamin (50 in the a.m. and 50 in the p.m.) and it has really helped.  I also make sure I get to bed early - the rest has helped.  Lastly I found if I eat, the queeziness goes away.  Hope you feel better.


  • Zofran has been a big help for me. I couldn't even keep down water but now, I can at least keep down some liquids and watery food. I've also been drinking Pedialyte to help with hydration (water is still grossing me out lol) It doesn't taste the greatest but at least it's helping! Other than that, I haven't found any remedies or anything that help too much, unfortunately. GL, though! Morning sickness is the worst :(

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