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water in sippy cup?

Anyone offer  their LO water in a cup yet?  My LC mentioned to me that I could try this with my LO...

 Any suggestions on type of cup?  I've heard one with a straw is better (oral motor development...)




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Re: water in sippy cup?

  • I offered my daughter a sippy cup at 4 months when she started solids. She is now 7.5 months.  I would only put like an ounce of water in it.  At first she more so just chewed on the end - it was a Munchkin Mighty Grip cup.  I recently bought her a NUK sippy and she drinks much better out of that. 
  • Yep! We give him one every day. He really doesn't get much water from it but he thinks it's really fun to hold the handles and chew on the mouthpiece. I have to tip it up for him to actually get water, which I do a couple times when he has it just so he understands it's in there. He bought the Nuby cups with handles.
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  • Yes, DD gets a sippy cup with every meal. My pedi said to be careful with water, since it doesn't provide any nutritional value and takes up space in the stomach, so don't give more than maybe 1oz at a time. I have the kind where DD has to bite down a little to make the liquid come out, and after maybe 2-3 weeks, she's able to grab it, tip it, and drink out of it like a pro. I did have to tip it quite a bit at first to show her how it worked.
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  • My lil one loves cold water from sippy and drinks from anyone that I give him.  He used to bite down on it or i gotta tip it up for him, n now he picks up his cup n drinks like a pro.  He gets 2 oz a few times in the day because the summer is so hot.
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  • we got the cheap NUK sippy and it works great. took him a couple weeks to learn to tip it, but now he does fine. he gets up to 4oz/day, but not every day. 

    we have one with a straw but it'll be awhile before he gets a handle on that. we do give it to him but he just plays with it. 

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  • We just started solids but yeah I give him one when he eats solids - just the playtex (I think) ones with handles. He just chews on it now but I've been told that once they do have solids a little water is helpful to combat constipation.
  • Per our pedi we give 1 to 2 oz of water in a sipoy cup at every meal to get her used to the sippy and help prevent constitution. at this point she hardly drinks any but it is good practice.
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  • Yes, my daughter gets 1-2 oz daily from a sippy cup.  We use the Nuk sippy cups.  She really doesn't drink from it but enjoys using it. 
  • We use straw sippy cups and DD1 hasn't gotten the hang of it yet but DD2 loves it and would drink a whole cup of water if we let her.  She really enjoys drinking out of her sippy cup so sometimes we dump some of her bottle into it and let her drink it out of there.
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