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Really red cheeks?

I have been on the MSPI diet for almost a month. DD is still having mucousy stools and eczema, but I feel like maybe her mood is a little better. Before going on the diet, there was one day her cheeks turned super red.  Like she just got slapped or something. I thought maybe she had Fifth's Disease because it went away. Well, the other day it happened again. Does this sound like something I could be eating? It wouldn't be the dairy or soy because it has only happened twice. Just wondering if I am missing something. Thanks!



Re: Really red cheeks?

  • My dd got eczema and hives from foods I was eating. But...when she tried yogurt she got what looked like sunburn on her face and that's when we finally figured out she can't do dairy. I would keep an eye on that if I were you. Maybe keep a food diary?
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  • Like pp suggested, a food diary might be helpful.

    Regarding eczema - DD2 developed eczema after I'd been dairy and soy free for a while. Turns out, she was reacting to nuts in my diet. Once I cut nuts out too, her eczema was gone within a week. You might play around with other things in your diet to see if that effects her eczema. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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  • Yes a food diary is really helpful and remember it might take a whole month more before all the proteins from dairy and soy are out of your/her system. My little guy still had terrible excema until I eliminated eggs and wheat also. (We did allergy testing at 4 months).

    Also remember environmental items- wash her clothes in a free and clear detergent (not DREFT) and double rinse cycle them (I use Purex hypoallergenic free and clear).  She could also be reacting to a detergent someone used on their clothes that she is sensitive to.  Not sure if she is a tummy sleeper yet, but if she drools at all in her sleep she can re-activate the detergent in her sheets and cause a rash on her cheeks.

     I also do not use any soap on him. I just rinse him in warm water- the  body washes all seem to dry him out and make the excema worse. I use coconut oil for a moisturizer and then RX hydrocortozone cream twice a day.

     Remind people to wash their hands and mouths before picking her up and kissing her (my LO will get a rash from someone who ate yogust and kisses him).

    Good luck!

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