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No Tears?

I am unsure that I have ever seen my 11-month-old baby cry real tears...and now his eyes are producing yellow crusts in the corners. I know absolutely nothing beyond what I've googled about blocked tear ducts. Anyone know anything about this?

I called the doctor, but they are out of the office until tomorrow.

Worried first-time mommy here. Help!

Re: No Tears?

  • You can gently massage de corner of her eyes with a warm washcloth. to avoid contamination from one eye to the other. A few drops of breastmilk in the eye also works well (if you are breastfeeding) 

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  • My DS only has tears if he got truly hurt, like bumped his head or smashed a finger. It's not all that often. He also had a blocked duct until about 8 weeks. Massage it with warm washcloth. He will be fine!
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