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Constipation ?s

I think my DD is constipated.  For the past week she's only had a few dry, hard, dark turds.  Last night she woke up 5 times screaming and I think it's because she's constipated.  Anyway, here are my questions, I'm hoping someone can shed some light...

1) She has never had any juice, should I try that?  If so, should I buy the little juice packs in the baby aisle?

2) Now that shes on solids, I've read they should also have some water to prevent constipation.  She has not yet figured out how to drink from a straw cup.  Should I give her water and/or juice in a bottle?

3) How long is too long to go with hard dark turds?  When should we consider taking her to the doctor?

4) Are there any other remedies I should be trying?  Today I asked the nanny to feed her Gerber jarred prunes to see if that will help. 


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Re: Constipation ?s

  • I don't know much about this, but my doctor mentioned last week, that he isn't a big fan of juice in general, but if we were having constipation issues to mix some prune juice with water and give it in a bottle.  It probably doesn't matter if you buy baby juice or regular juice, as long as you get something that is all juice and no added sugar.


  • When the prunes and increased water don't work for us, we give a teaspoon of karo syrup in his bottle twice/day, usually the next day he has a nice soft BM.  His doctor ok'd it.
  • One thing that helped my LO when she was constipated was infant suppositories. She was in lots of pain and pushing with no poo and this helped her a lot. We had told the dr about it after the fact and he said they were safe to use and we had done the right thing in using it since it had been 4 days since the last poo.
    Definitely give your LO water. If the sippy isn't working, we used a battle just so she was getting the water. Keep practicing with the sippy though. Now my LO uses the sippy well but it took lots of practice. My dr said if we wanted to use juice to water it down.
    I also give my LO prunes when her poo starts to get hard balls. The prunes and water seem to help.
    Good luck. I hope you find something that works. It's hard to see your baby struggling.
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  • Both of my boys have had constipation issues. This is the one and only trait they picked up from me, oh joy! And they get rather severe sometimes, going for 5 or so days with no movement and then finally a hard, huge ball that ends up making them bleed. We always take the easiest method that will work whenever a bout of constipation comes up, but having seen both of them screaming in pain trying to push and having to forcibly help them get it out by pulling, I've learned a few tricks. We start with an infant sized portion of equal parts Apple prune juice and water in a bottle as Lo won't take a sippy well yet. You could also do prune baby food, but Lo won't eat it. If that doesn't produce one, we go to a tbsp or two or dark karo syrup mixed in a bottle of formula. By this point, we usually take a rectal temp. Not for the actual temp, but bc insertion can often lead to bowel movement within a few minutes! If that still doesn't produce one, I do an infant suppository. If he gets to the point where that isn't working, I give him a tsp or so of miralax in one bottle a day for the next couple of days until he is cleaned out good. Otherwise, we repeat this same process for days and deal with huge, hard, bloody stool and a screaming baby until he gets it out on his own. The pedi advised me to do miralax whenever needed, but I don't use it unless I have to. It's always my last step bc I don't want him to get dependent on it to go. I hope this helped!

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  • My lo gets horrible constipation. What works for us is 3 oz organic prune juice everyday and about 6 oz water at least. She uses a straw now but it took some practice. Give water at every meal

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  • My doctor recommended pureed prunes or apples if he gets constipated.  Could try it.

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  • We have typically had the opposite problem and had diarhhea issues and have been told to avoid any fruits starting with "p" since they can make babies go, so that might be worth a try. You've already got prunes, but others the doctor said seem to work are pears, plum and peaches.

    Also, interesting a PP said to use pureed apple. Our pedi said this is good for when baby has diarhhea, but apple juice would help them go, who knows. 

     Hope it gets better soon! 

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  • Thanks for all of the responses, I really appreciate it!  I called the doctors office and they recommended increased water intake with a bottle since she's not good yet with a cup.  They also said I could mix in some prune juice or apple juice.  And if that doesn't work then use a suppository.

    When I got home the many said DD ate almost the entire jar of the prune pur?e and had 3 poops!  Wooho!   

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  • I always put a pureed prune on a plain yogurt with wheat germ for my LO,the yogurt and the prune are the only once that help him to poo,I also give him pear juice mix with water.
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