How many oz does your baby take at daycare?

I am away from him for 9 hours and he takes between 6-9 ozs during that time. Leo is 3 months old. He takes three, 3 oz bottles during that time. He won't eat unless he is really hungry so the logical side is telling me he is eating when he is really hungry vs just eating to eat. This is his second week of daycare so I am curious what other bfing babies are taking down during a day.



Re: How many oz does your baby take at daycare?

  • My LO started with three 3oz bottles, then went to 3.5oz, then finally to 4oz.  They tried to pressure me to give more, but I stood my ground.  They were not as used to a BF baby vs. FF baby, and thought 4oz was not enough.  Sounds like your LO is right on track.
  • My DD takes 3, 4oz. bottles during her 8.5 hour stay. It hasn't changed changed in the 3 months that she has been there.
  • He takes three 4.5 oz bottles.


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  • He started out at 9-10 oz a day (4-5 2oz bottles). He's now at 12 oz (4-2.5 oz, 1 2oz). Hoping that we'll be able to get him to take 4 3oz bottles so that I'm not washing so many bottles every night.
  • My DD usually drinks ~9oz from 9-4:30, and another 3 from DH sometimes depending on when I get home (if I get home at 5:30 she usually eats from me, but if it's closer til 6 or 6:30 he gives her a bottle).

    Except for last week during what I hope was a growth spurt, where it was 14oz several days!

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  • I'm away from DS 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. twice a week. He takes between 8 and 11 oz during that time. He's five months old.
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  • image tokenhoser:
    Around an oz per hour is normal.

    I had never heard this rule, but this is exactly what we do. DS is 6.5 months old, and is at the babysitter for just under 9 hours. He gets a 5oz bottle, and a 4oz bottle. I did weighed feedings for those times of day a couple of times before I went back to work to see about how much he was eating. 

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  • My son is 6 months this week and drinks 4 ounces every 3 hours.

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  • DS takes 3 4oz bottles most days, he bf at 6:30 before we get ready for school and work, then whenever he gets hungry when we get home, which is usually 6:30 again so about 12 hours... an oz an hour is pretty accurate. I could have them withhold the afternoon bottle and Bf when I get home but he gets pretty POed when you try to put him off so I just let them give him the 3rd bottle whenever he wants it.
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  • She drinks 1 3 oz bottle and 1 2 oz bottle plus a solid and she's there for 6 hours, so a little less than an ounce an hour.
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  • I'm away for 9 hours and she eats about 12 ozs (3 - 4oz bottles)  She usually eats around 6 or 7 times a day
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