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I hate baby clothes sizing!

Anyone else annoyed with how baby clothing sizes seem completely arbitrary? My daughter is a tall baby and it's so hard to know what size she should be.

I organized her clothing by sizes... 0-3 mo, 3 mo, 3-6 mo, etc. She's not even 4 months old and she's busting out of Carter's 6 mo. sizes. I pulled out her 6-9 month size clothing yesterday and fond that there are several onesies/bodysuits that are  too small for her already! And several more that fit her length perfectly, but are way too wide for her. Grrr.

I looked into buying onesie extenders, but the ones on Amazon got bad reviews for their snaps not being compatible with the major brands. I think I might try to make my own onesie extenders, or turn some of her bodysuits into t-shirts. And I am only buying dresses and t-shirts/pants from now on! 


Re: I hate baby clothes sizing!

  • I bet you could make your own onesies extenders by cutting off the snaps from some of her onesies that are too short and sewing them together. Then you could have a t-shirt and an extender for the price of one.

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  • I didn't sort our used clothing by tag size, I sorted it by visual size... it works better that way.
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  • I only know this from nannying for years and struggling with baby sizing, but when something is say a size 6 months, like Carters, it really fits like 3-6 months.  So don't pull it out when your baby is 6 months and think it will fit, that would be at the end of it's sizing cycle.  My babies are peanuts because they were early, but they fit into some newborn stuff still, while I can also get them into some 3-6 clothes!  I would also start pulling clothes out about a month before you think they will fit, so pull out the Carters 9 month stuff when your baby is 5-6 months.  Most will probably be too big, but that will ensure that you don't miss the window.  So frustrating I know!
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  • Some brands run differently just like adult sizes do. Are you the same size jean in different brands? I know I'm not! Gerber runs very small, carters runs long and thin, and circo runs short and wide. Also like pp said 6 month is 36 month size. You'll learn what works for your child and what doesn't and you'll learn you can't go by the age on the cloths if your baby is big or small for his/her age. But once you figure it out it will probably stay the same though childhood. Gl
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  • Yeah... we're in this boat too.  Another thing, Carter's stuff isn't all the same - the "just one you" stuff from target is smaller than their normal stuff.  I put a  gerber onesie someone gave us on LO and the "long" sleeves were up to her elbow.. LOL

    Little Tots (@ BRS) is short and wide, and BRS is smaller all over! It's like NB original Carters, or close to it..

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  • Odly enough he is wearing what he is "supposed" to wear. He wears either size 3 or size 3-6. Tried a 6 month sleeper but he was swimming in it.
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  • LO here is almost 4 months are fits well in 9 mos Carter clothing.  A lot of his clothes were only worn once and some not at all because the clothing sizes are off. Since the fall weather is coming around the corner I'll be able to dress him in his sleep wear again and I am completely bypassing buying him anything in the 6 mos range, it surely will not fit. 
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  • My little guy is almost 4 months and he is wearing 9-12month clothing for mostly everything. My good friend told me to check the weight associations instead of going by the months. It really worked for my little guy! 
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  • My little guy is almost 5 months but is a peanut. He is in 0-3 still and now some 3 months as well. I hate how different the sizes are between brands - if I wanted to deal with that, I'd go clothes shopping for myself!
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