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Kidney reflux

Does anyone have experience with this? My daughter (after suffering through two UTI's) has been diagnosed with level 3 kidney reflux. Haven't seen the urologist yet, he is booked until mid October.
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Re: Kidney reflux

  • My daughter was diagnosed with this. Level 2 on one side and level 3 on the other. She was given a daily dose of antibiotics. She had her last kidney check about a year ago and had grown out of it.  
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  • big hugs.  i've been in your shoes and it is scary!  

    my ds had his first uti at 3 months and 1 week old. he had a crazy high temperature and it was so scary. he had another uti shortly thereafter (with no fever, but we knew the other signs and had his urine tested) and was diagnosed with reflux (grade 3 on both sides).  the urologist (we had to wait too) put him on daily antibiotics (from months 5-10) and he has not had a uti since and all his kidney ultrasounds have been clear.   

    the antibiotics to treat the uti and the daily dose really bothered his stomach until we started giving a daily probiotic as well (culturelle).  just something to keep an eye out for in case your lo is experiencing discomfort as the uti clears. 

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