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Still not there any hope?!

We use the no cry methods to put DS to sleep at night, but then let him CIO during the middle of the night with checks at 3, 6, and then every 10 minutes.  I really hate hearing him cry and it breaks my heart. But, I can tell it's an "I'm mad, come get me" cry and not that he needs anything. And, I obsess with watching him on the monitor while he's crying just to be sure.  Lately, he'll wake up, we go in to check on him, then he'll cry for 3 minutes, we do another check, and by 6 minutes he's put himself back to sleep.  I will feed him if it's been 8 hours since his last feeding, so usually around 4AM, though I've been told he can physically make it longer and that I'm training him to wake up at 4. I'm hoping eventually he'll STTN because he still usually gets up twice a night and DH and I are both TIRED and miss our sleep!  I just don't know what else we can do to make him sleep longer!
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Re: Still not there any hope?!

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  • I'm no help. We are very slowly working in No Cry.

    My goal for her is solid sleep from 9 until 4.

    I doubt she'll sleep all the way to morning until I stop breastfeeding. So, .2 years. If we are lucky she might do better once she's evicted from our bedroom at 1 year.
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    It has to happen at sometime I'm sure! C wakes up once on the best nights and up to 3 times on not so good nights, but it's still so much better than it was. I don't have any advice, but we're in the same boat.

    Thanks, it really is encouraging to know we're not parenting failures already! :) 

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  • Don't worry DS has only STTN 2 times in 1 week.  So far on a good night he only wakes up once and gets 3-4 ounces of BM and back to sleep.  I figure he is doing good... I am not a fan of CIO because I can't stand it when DS cries it stresses me out.  We tried CIO like 2 months ago and we only got like 2 hours of sleep that night because DH though DS was ready.  I believe they will transition on their own... But I am also a FTM....

     Don't worry you are not a failure... :)

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  • Same boat here! He usually wakes up between 13 and then sometimes 5am and up for good around 7. He puts himself to bed fine, but when he wakes in the middle DH has to get up at 3 am for work so I have to go get him....sigh! It'll happen one day....or at least it better lol
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  • Lucas' sleep is sooo much better. He goes down wide awake with no crying. He has STTN three times and that's all been I the same week last week. Since he is back to Mr. Unpredictable. Most nights are an 8.5 hr stretch from 73:30 and the another hour till 4:45. This morning he slept another two hrs so he woke at 6:15. I have no clue how to eliminate the early am waking. I usually nurse him by literally like two minutes. He'd probably go back without a feed if I ferbered that wake up but I guess I'm not ready. He did so well with Ferber at bedtime and earlier wake ups but after almost 9 hours I guess I'm ok with nursing. He's teething so I feel bad.

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  • We have a bundle of joy that doesnt sleep well hr is up 35 times. I let him.cry from 11:15 to after midnight the other night and he never put himself back to sleep. So im no help. Last night he only woke up once at 2:30 but we went boating from 10 to 8 so im thinking it was pure exhaustion. But maybe it flipped his schedule. Good luck one day we will all be talking about kindergarten and missing our babies so im trying to convince myself these nighttimes are just extra snuggles!
  • If you are doomed so am I. We are sleep training right now. He nurses twice at night but I've weaned during the day so who knows if he is getting much. I am trying to get it down to one nursing with solid sleep from 84. The first night he cried for 1 hr and last night he woke up twice and cried 20 mins each. I am hoping tonight is even better. Last time we did this he slept through the night 4 nights in a row but then he started getting 2 more teeth so back to square one. If it doesn't work within a week I'm going to try no cry sleep because I need a new strategy. You are not alone although IRL it seems like it!

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  • DS is still not sleeping through the night, usually wakes up around 3am for a bottle, and lately has been having difficulty going back down and also has been waking more, I think he is teething though. I don't think all babies STTN before a year old and some even continue to wake up after they turn a year. I don't think it is abnormal to not STTN but maybe I am in the wrong.
  • We had the worst night last night with DD. I just wish those teeth would come in. She wakes 15 times a night and usually ends up in our bed. I have just come to accept that she will STTN when she is ready... Which doesn't look like any time soon.
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  • Nope, she's just like her brother :) I think he FINALLY STTN at about 1 yr, but can't remember (it was 14yrs ago, lol). She usually only wakes up 1x though, so much better than it was :)
  • my dd's sleep is a big hot mess.  needs to be walked+nursed to sleep, wakes every 1-2 hours.  we're training now using a gentle method and it should take a month.  we even hired a sleep coach b/c our situation was so dire.  i don't even care about her STTN, i just want her to go to sleep awake and wake less than 3 times.
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    my dd's sleep is a big hot mess.  needs to be walked+nursed to sleep, wakes every 1-2 hours.  we're training now using a gentle method and it should take a month.  we even hired a sleep coach b/c our situation was so dire.  i don't even care about her STTN, i just want her to go to sleep awake and wake less than 3 times.
    I'm so glad my LO isn't the only one who needs to be nursed with me walking around. I thought it was only me and that it was my fault. I also don't care about STTN either, just once and to not have to be walked around. That's the worst part.
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  • No sttn here either. She wakes about every 2-3 hours still, and is up for the day before 6. I cannot do CIO because I get panicky when she cries and I can't handle it. My son finally slept through the night after a year, so I am hoping it finally clicks for this one soon. 
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