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Sick Baby cold

I don't think there's much more pathetic than a good natured baby who is feeling crappy. She's a trooper. A sniffly, sneezing, coughing trooper.
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Re: Sick Baby cold

  • I despise baby colds. They are pitiful. Lucas had one for two weeks. He finally got better and has it again. His voice even changes. He is a better sick person than I am! Hope your LO feels better soon! We put a rolled towel under his mattress and have the humidifier on. We also saline spray his nose.

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  • How much lift did you give the mattress?

    Otherwise: steamy showers:check. humidifier: check. saline drops: check

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  • I used a regular thinner bath towel and rolled it. It's not enough were he will roll down hut enough to lift his head a bit. Seems to help aside from when he speds half the night the wrong way, making his boogies drip up!

    Lilypie - (ovfd)

  • Hope your LO feels better soon. The little cough and hoarse whine is definitely heartbreaking.
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  • What a long night!

    We hadn't elevated A's mattress before bed so I ended up sleeping with her on my arm in bed.

    My husband and A both coughing off and on for hours!

    Husband's parents are likely to get an earful from him when they come over today. There were here, with colds a week ago and his mom stuck her finger in A's mouth to feel her first tooth! If I'd known that she had a cold I would have stopped it. It's confirmed, there is no common sense left in this world.

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