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  • I put DD on her RnP in my bathroom while I shower with the curtain open. I talk to her and she looks around. She will play in her mat for 5 min or so while I make coffee - I do not leave her alone, though.

    She will go for a few minutes on the swing or RnP by my side while I have breakfast. I do chat with her and she keeps me company. I figure this will help her be a part of family meals.

    I'd say that I only leave her alone to play for a couple of minutes.

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  • lucky duck - my lil guy won't have anything to do with ammusing hisself. He is in my arms or screaming bloody murder.

    If you want to hold her more, get a snuggly and carry her in that while you do chores. and when she's in her chair, have her in the kitchen with you and talk to her - tell her what you're doing, etc. She'll learn lots of words and will still be spending time with you, and you can get your work done. 

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  • Wow! I don't accomplish nearly all the things you do on a good day!!

    DS doesn't nap either, so I get where you're coming from. I only get things done when I can get DS asleep in his crib, where he promptly wakes up crying at 20 or 30 minutes, if I'm lucky. That happens maybe once a day. On that note, I haven't given up pursuing naps so I have DS in my arms soothing him to sleep or feeding him for most of the day. When he's not miserable, we get in a few minutes of tummy time and when he's sick of that, he'll play on his back for a while. Like a PP, I rarely leave DS on his own. He'll look around from his back on the floor by himself for a few minutes, but he's not alone for much more than that. Oh, and when DS is living in an alternate universe where naps don't exist, he becomes so miserable that I hardly ever leave the house by myself with him so we're home for days on end.

    We actually don't use a swing or bouncer, don't even own them. Someone gave us a rocker and I only put DS in there so I can use the bathroom, let the dogs in or out, or to eat something halfway decent, then I sit him facing me and I talk away about the day or things coming up, etc. But even most of that I do while he's asleep in his crib, even if it's only for a few minutes. I've become very adept at using one hand!

    I will say, I'm really guilty for not doing things for myself, though. I usually shower when DH gets home from work and don't have a real meal until after DS goes to bed around 8pm, otherwise I'm snacking on fruit, veggies, nuts, or a quick sandwich during the day. Honestly, I wish I did more for myself during the day!

    DH's 88 year old grandmother and his 69 year old SF comment that I hold DS too much, but then they'll criticize that their other grandchildren or great grandchildren are in a swing all day so you can't win. Do what's right for you and your family and don't feel guilty for it.
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  • My LO is 7 weeks and still pretty fussy. I spend a lit of the day holding, feeding and interacting with her. I usually take her for an outing and then leave her in the carseat for a little bit when I get home because she just naps the best in there. I also need that time to make lunch and get a couple chores done.

    Maybe work some baby and me time into your routine. Pick a time of day when she is alert and interact with her. Play some games, read to her or something.
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  • Don't feel guilt at all. Being able to play independently and entertain themselves is a great skill.

    It's all about balance. My toddler plays by himself really well and it's coming in very handy now that I have a new born to feed and change a lot during the day. But he also loves to read books and comes up on the couch with books for me to read to him. Or hands me crayons to color with him. They will always let you know when they want or need your attention.


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  • Sounds to me like you are doing a great job!  : )

    If it bothers you so much you could try baby wearing.  Then she will be with you the whole time at least even if you are not interacting. 


  • BABY WEARING! Get a Moby or sling and wear your baby while you are doing stuff around the house. She gets cuddles and stimulation and you can stop feeling bad for not giving her enough attention. I can't recommend this enough!

    Look into carriers etc at The

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  • Wow you are doing a great job getting so much done! DD1 goes to school during the day and I should probably be doing all that you are! My lo does take some naps and lets me know when I need to. Our morning routine is about the same as yours. DD2 is a little more demanding than the first. DD1 was like yours. She was more calm and liked to lay by herself. DD2 is not. I bought a sling to keep her closer to me when she wants to be held more. She does spend time in her swing, also in her crib to look at her toys. I also hung a black and white graphic blanket by her crib to stimulate her. She also has some tummy time. When she gets bored with an activity I move her somewhere new. If she is really awake during the day and I have to get things done, she travels around the house in her bouncy seat, or car seat if we are running errands.

    When the lo start crawling we are going to wish they stayed in one place for so long so we can get more things done! hehe I guess we should enjoy the moment.

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  • Wow you get lots done! I would say like anything, quality over quantity! When you do play give LO your undivided attention. When doing chores, chat with LO and/or play music and sing. As LO gets older, you can provide fun and educational toys! I also think that your LO will let you know if they want attention, my dd sure does!
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  • Could not agree more.  Get a sling.  We live in ours!


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  • If she's content, there's no problem. My baby is the same way. I put her in her chair, as I'm cleaning up. Usually I will tell her what I'm doing, keep coming over to talk directly to her, or put on music and sing along.

    Some babies like to be on their own. Again, if she's a happy girl, you're fine!
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  • You have a happy baby and sound very active. Good work! That said, I do suggest wearing her, as PPs have mentioned. Her world will be much more interesting if she sees things at your eye level while you interact versus the passive scenery of a chair or seat (other good points here). It also may really help you (and her) feel connected when your hours together become more limited. In your sample day, some prime wearing times would be while you are shopping, while you do chores, while you prepare food (though, of course, don't wear baby in a front carry when using heat to cook). When wearing a baby, baby can nuzzle in and quietly watch from the safety of your chest or go to sleep if over-stimulated, so don't worry about "alone time" (which really isn't a biological need of a non-mobile baby anyway).

    Good luck with the transition back to work!

  • Thanks for the advise everyone, I really appreciate it!! I am lucky to have such a happy baby. I may try baby wearing, for her and for me =)
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