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BM's and Spotting (Warning: TMI)

Today I had a BM that was followed with some light pink spotting.  (FYI: I am certain that it was vaginal, not rectal.)  I've been to the bathroom since and have not had any spotting.  I have started having this achy feeling in my pubic bone.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar to either of these scenarios.  A little worried and I'm hoping everything is ok.  Thanks!

Re: BM's and Spotting (Warning: TMI)

  • I havent had that happen before- but i would call your dr about any spotting. I know they say some spotting is normal (and it is) but i believe all spotting should get checked out. - just from my experience. 

    GL! Keep us updated.  


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  • I have had spotting on and off since 6 weeks. I do notice it more often after a BM. In my experience the spotting is normal. I'd guess that you were fine but if you are really worried it doesn't help to check with your OB or the advice nurse. 
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  • That is normal. I had spotting with a BM during my previous pregnancy and again last week. 

  • The only time I spotted this pregnancy was while trying to have a BM. It showed up in the CM. I did tell my midwife about it. She asked if we had recently had sex (no), then just said to keep an eye on it and call back it I cramped or had more.

    So far so good, hope it is the same for you! 

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  • I had this happen twice, first time was just pink and watery, second time was bright red.  I called the dr, because I was freaking out, and they wanted me to come in that day.  Dr checks and sees right away that it is basically a hemorhoid (sp)on my cervix and the bleeding is not pregnancy related at all.  He cauterized it, and I have had no problems since.

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