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Maternity Leave Laws in California?

Anyone know? Can you do SDI for 6-8 weeks, and then PFL for 6 more?

Re: Maternity Leave Laws in California?

  • Here is what I was told. You can do SDI for 6 or 8 (based on normal or C section), then 6 weeks of PFL. After SDI you can take CFRA which gives you 12 weeks - out of this 6 weeks are paid through PFL and the next 6 weeks are unpaid. So that makes it a total of 18 weeks you can take off. Maybe someone on this forum can confirm I have it right?



  • Yes, if you qualify you get 6 weeks postpartum (8 if c section) for SDI and 6 more for PFL. You may also qualify for 4 weeks pre-birth SDI as well. There are two different layers. One layer is the job protection (without pay) and the other is the state-run supplemental payment. It depends on the size of your employer, how long you have been with them, etc.  
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  • My understanding is the same a PPs.

    I am due 11/15.

    I am taking 4 weeks SDI starting 10/18 (OB is taking me out early because of my commute)

    Then 6-8 after delivery

    Then 6 PPL

    Then the remainder of my unpaid FMLA (it is not concurrent with PPL)

    My return to work date isn't until 3/20.  Crazy!


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  • You need to check with your HR department. I work for a small company and only qualify for 6 weeks because we do not meet minimum employees for state or Federal Family Leave. Luckily for the last two months although on bedrest, my employer chose to leave me off disability, pay my insurance and let me work from home. 
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