frequent pumpers, a ? for you

I pump twice a day while at work. My son gets two 5 ounce bottles during that time, which seems to be the right amount. I pump ALMOST that amount during the day, but usually have to pump in the evenings after he goes to bed to get the last 1-2oz I need for the next day.

The trouble is, when I am done pumping, I can feel that I'm not empty. I know that last ounce or two is in there, but the pump can't seem to get it out. 

Any little tricks I can do to pump more efficiently? I am using a PISA and a hands-free bra thing. I have tried 3 different sizes of shield, so I know which one I need.

(Long story, but pulling from a freezer stash is not an option.)



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Re: frequent pumpers, a ? for you

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