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Waterbirth in Birmingham?

Anyone know where you can have a water birth in the Birmingham area thats covered by insurance?
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Re: Waterbirth in Birmingham?

  • brookwood hospital just re did their birthing suits and have portable pools for water birth. my insurace wont cover it b/c i work for st vincents therefore must use st vincents but to my knowlege brookwood is the only one right now. St vincents east is getting a remodle soon so depending on when your due they may have them by then.
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  • You should call around to the different hospitals and ask about water births, then call your insurance company to see if you are covered to deliver there. Alternatively, your insurance company may have a website that lists approved providers. That's how I found my OB's office.

    I have Viva (through UAB) and am covered to be seen and deliver at Brookwood, but only because I'm on the student insurance - I've been told that other forms of Viva are not taken there.

    As the PP said, they do have the ability to do water births at Brookwood. So far everyone there has been great, but I've heard good things about St. Vincents as well. I chose Brookwood because it was closest to me.


  •  I don't currently know of any one who actually had a water birth in this area. AL does not have any birth centers. From what I have heard, Brookwood does have tubs for laboring moms- it was my understanding that they are for pain management, and not used during the birth itself, though. I am not sure if they do it for labor and the delivery.

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  • I am having my baby at Brookwood and hope to have a waterbirth.  Brookwood is the only hospital in the area that I know of that has tubs.  They have one birthing suite with a buit in tub but they also have the portable tubs in case that suite is taken. 

    From what I understand it is not technically allowed to have a waterbirth but only to labor in the water.  But, I have also heard that if you get to a point that you can't get out of the tub then there isn't much they can do to stop you from actually birthing in the tub. 

    I haven't experienced this personally but I'll be honest and hope to actually be able to birth in the tub.  I also think it depends on how willing your doctor is to do it. 

    So, I would say Brookwood is your only chance in B'ham to have a waterbirth:) 

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  • Doctor Huggins/Dr. Robinett at Brookwood. -They are the only doctors at Brookwood doing water births with patients.
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  • goodluck i wanted a water birth soo badly i was going to drive to tn to do it! Unfortunatly i didnt and had my son at St. vincents :/ 


    hopefully our next.

    i know it is illegal for water births in alabama ):

    i dont see why. maybe because alabama is a poor state and needs all the money they can get. I know there are also no midwives or doulas in alabama also because of home births also being illegal. 

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