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Post-Natal Training (half marathon)

Hey ladies; feels like I haven't been on TB forever, but I wanted to ask you all a question (I apologise that it's a bit long):

At my insistence, DH and I are training for 2 runs: a 9-mile cross-country fun run (which we've both done before when I was first pregnant with DS) and then a half marathon in March. DS is now 10 months old and I've been exercising - both running and at the gym - pretty regularly since he was about 2 months old.

The problem is, while I have the CV stamina to do a 5-mile run, my pelvis just doesn't want to cooperate. I don't want to push myself into an injury, but ever since my 3rd trimester I've had SPD of some sort. I can run about 3 miles again (though the StairMaster is still a no-go), but even after a 4-miler last night my hips and thighs were killing when I went to bed!

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience when trying to get back to running. What did you do? Did you just push through it slowly or see a PT or find a brace or support of some kind?

TIA for any advice you gals can give! 

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Re: Post-Natal Training (half marathon)

  • I can't answer your specific question, but I have weak hips and they always hurt during running. I've found some hip strengthening exercises online to do to try to help. I've also found that wearing compression shorts helps. 

    I would also recommend seeing an orthopedic doctor. Just to make sure nothing is structurally wrong. If there's not, they'll likely refer you to a PT who can help work on it with you. But be prepared to be limited in your running during treatment. I wasn't allowed to run.


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  • Hello! I was training for a marathon when i was preggo. Was hitting the gym til i was 7 months so I'm definately a SWEAT FIEND =D

    But I can agree... starting to run is very hard on the post-partum body. I started jogging at 5 weeks post-partum and my knees & hips couldn't handle the weight I've gained. I ended up limping and really hurting myself. I started spin classes because (believe it or not) building muscle around the area will help your stability and ensure you will not further injure the muscle or bone. Now I am at a boxing gym and doing tons of conditioning and cross-fit.

    I suggest squats, lunges, planks and lots of hip flexor stretching. I found my biggest hurdle was flexibility post-partum.

    I'm 14 weeks post-partum and I can finally run without pain. Can't wait til I am light enough to fly again like the old days!

    Good luck and I hope this helped some =D

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  • I have never been pregnant but I agree with the compression shorts comment. I get hip and knee pain after long runs 5+ miles of I don't wear compression shorts. I also use the foam roller on my hips after runs and that has helped a lot.
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