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Hi Everyone,


I am newly pregnant and new to Nashville.  I was hoping for some suggestions for where to deliver (Baptists vs. Vanderbilt) or great OBs.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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  • Personally, I plan on doing a home birth with #2 in March. There are some really great midwives and doulas in the Nashville area! In fact, there is a Lamaze International Conference in October at the Sheraton Hotel where you could meet a lot of local birth professionals. I definitely plan on going! 

    I know a lot of women are happy with Vanderbilt midwives, if you go the hospital route. Just check out all the possibilities and weigh the pros and cons of all birth options. Whatever choice you make, I highly recommend taking a Hypnobabies Birth Course. 

  • My OB/GYN is Donna Crowe. SHe delivers at Baptist and St. Thomas. I'm delivering at Baptist. I've had several friends deliver there and the hoapital is great and very mom friendly. Good luck!
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    My OB/GYN is Donna Crowe. SHe delivers at Baptist and St. Thomas. I'm delivering at Baptist. I've had several friends deliver there and the hoapital is great and very mom friendly. Good luck!

    Dr. Crowe is my doctor as well, and she is amazing! Baptist has the best labor and delivery department plus lots of perks for new mothers and recently remodeled rooms. I've been with friends who have given birth there and I was very impressed.

    I don't recommend delivery at Vanderbilt. My cousin works there, so she delivered there. She had a scheduled C/S at 8am, so didn't eat after midnight, but she kept getting bumped and didn't deliver until after 8pm that night. She was miserable and said even though she works there, she will never deliver there again! Not to mention their rooms are incredibly small.

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  • I see Dr Yu at WMA of nashville (www.wmaofnashville.com).  She delivers at both Baptist and Centennial.  We've chosen Centennial.


  • I am personally not familiar with any OB's in the Nashville area as I delivered in Smyrna but I have heard that Vanderbilt is great. I've heard good things about Baptist too but I know of more people who went to Vanderbilt.
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  • I saw Dr. Carter he is an amazing Doctor he delievers at Baptist and Centennial. I delievered at Centennial i love that hospital :).

  • I have had both of my babies at Vanderbilt with the midwives and I loved my experience. I will be having my third one there in June. Baptist looks nice but its a baby factory and its nice if you want a c-section. 
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  • I suggest the MWs at Vanderbilt or Dr. Wilters at Centennial.  If you are willing to go to Franklin, I've heard great things about Dr. Sizemore. 
  • I had the best OB his nme is Dr John Morehead. He is the nicest and takes all the time in the world with you if you need it. His staff is excellent. I was sad when we had to move and couldn't take him with us. He delivers at baptist and centennial. I personally delivered at centennial bc I felt it was a little bit quieter and had better staff. But like I said he delivers at both you just tell him where you're going.
  • I hear Vandy's midwives are great, but Vandy's womens center OB's are not. I just left that office due to lack of response from their office. I had blood work done by them on 2/6 and have yet to get a call regaurding my results from them. I switched to another office and have gotten blood work back and an appt scheduled.
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  • I go to Tennessee Women's Care.  All the OBs there are awesome.  Mine is actually taking some time off from delivery to spend more time with her family, but I'm sticking with the practice and picking a new dr.

    I delivered at centennial womens and LOVED it. I also had to go to the OB ER triage there a few weeks ago and it was great, too!




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