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I'm having non-BF regrets, ugh!

I BF-ed DS in the hospital to get the Nurse Ratchet of a lactation consultant off my back.  Got home and started formula.  Now I'm kinda kicking myself that I didn't give it a shot. 

Am I the only one?

Thankfully I'm still producing milk and DS is latching well.  I think I just miss the convenience of whipping out the boob at night vs stumbling to the fridge and microwave to get a bottle ready.

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Re: I'm having non-BF regrets, ugh!

  • I regret that I didn't give BF a better shot each day.  We had an awful experience in the hospital and the lactation consultant was on vacation.  I still can't believe that there was only one consultant!!  Anyway I got frustrated had a meltdown and started him on formula while in the hospital.  My DS is doing well on formula so I just keep reminding myself that he is happy and healthy and that's all that matters in the end.  Point is that whatever you choose, all that matters is that he is happy and healthy.
  • Maybe you can still breastfeed him since your producing milk? Either way, as long as DS is happy and healthy that is all that ultimately matters. Don't beat yourself up =)
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  • Depending in how long it has been, you may be able to relactate. There's a section on it on
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  • There is still time to BF.  Make an appointment with a lactation consultant NOW. 

    BF is often very difficult for both a new mom and the new baby to catch on to. After 6 weeks of pain and struggling DD and I are FINALLY making what I feel to be some real progress. Please don't do what I did which is wait figuring that DD and I could figure it out on our own.  I met with a LC at the hospital and then after 1 week.  But I didn't seek support again until week 5.  I could have saved myself a lot of pain and frustration.

    Contact your hospital or your pediatrician for recommendations for a LC.

  • I'm primarily BFing but I supplement 1-2 bottles at night when my LO gets particularly hungry.  If it's any consolation, it's not all that convenient to "whip out a boob" - especially at night.  DD feeds for 30-45 minutes on the boob and only 5-10 minutes on the bottle so BFing at 2am is not very fun.  Also, I usually get DH to feed her the bottle so I can sleep :-)


  • I exclusively breastfed for a about a month. Renee had latch issues and I had to use a nipple shield just to help her latch on. However, that caused my supply to begin to dwindle and Renee was extremely gassy. After that first month I tried cutting out all dairy and began to exclusively pump. I wanted my daughter to get every drop of breast milk that she could. However, pumping was so much work. I'd have to spend twice the time up at night because I would have to feed the baby and then pump when she was back asleep. My PPD started to worsen and I was incredibly stressed out. At about two months I finally decided I was going to formula feed. Almost instantly my LO was a happier baby. Her gas and constipation issues cleared up and she started to fuss way less. I feel like I made the right decision, but at the same time I feel guilty. I wonder if there was something else I could do... I feel bad that I wasn't strong enough to give Renee the best start possible. I know I tried, but it is so hard not to feel bad when all you ever hear is "BREAST IS BEST!" 
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  • Like PPs said, it's not necessarily too late. An LC is your best bet, but Kellymom is a great resource also. Best of luck! 
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  • image k.martell:

    stumbling to the fridge and microwave to get a bottle ready. 

    You are not supposed to use a microwave to heat up water or formula. It creates hot spots that can burn the baby.  


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  • You can still re-lactate. 
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  • image downwardsunshine:

    image k.martell:

    stumbling to the fridge and microwave to get a bottle ready. 

    You are not supposed to use a microwave to heat up water or formula. It creates hot spots that can burn the baby.  

    Maybe she uses the microwave to heat up a mug of water to sit the bottle in to warm it.

    Edit: just saw you said water in your post, my bad. But swirling a bottle in a glass of hot water doesn't cause hot spots in the milk. Hot spots are usually in whatever was microwaved.
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