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non-CIO sleep solutions

My DD is 9 months old and will sleep through the night, but I'm having a hard time getting her to fall asleep.  Just recently I stopped swaddling her and started putting her to sleep on her tummy, so I think she's trying to work through that transition.  But it's taking anywhere from 20-45 minutes for her to fall asleep.  I nurse, we rock and then I put her down.  I stand there and pat her back for a while.  I leave the room and she starts crying, so I go back in and repeat.  I will not let her CIO so I stand there until she falls asleep.  Some nights I think she's asleep so I start to leave her room and the crying starts all over again. 

Please recommend a sleep solution for me.  I'm open to anything at this point.

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Re: non-CIO sleep solutions

  • I remember those days.  There were days I would slide across the floor to get out of DS's room without waking him up!  Honestly, we have been through so many different transitions with sleep.  We never did CIO and always went with what worked at the time.  So my best suggestion is do what works and give it time. 
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  • I always left my son's room while he was awake but calm and sleepy. If he started fussing, I'd let him try to work it out. If he started actually crying I'd go back and repeat the process. I discovered that it usually took a few days for him to expect me to leave, but once that happened he was able to go to sleep on his own.
  • I've always just nursed to sleep.  It's not until mine are more like 2yo that they occasionally go without passing out while nursing at bedtime.  If they did nurse without going to sleep, I would rock and pat until they were out.  I do it out on the couch while watching tv with dh, so I'm getting my "love" time from him while I'm doing it and I'm alone in the bedroom or anything.
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  • Have you tried pushing back her bedtime a little bit? Even just 15 minutes or so might make a difference.

    I just nurse/d them to sleep or had my DH do bedtime, but either way, one of us would stay with them until they fell asleep.

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  • I had a similar problem with my daughter  for months and CIO wasn't for me so I downloaded some sleepy lullabie  music and it has made nap time and night time  so much easier . I started the music with the naps then playing   at night . I really wish I had started sooner because I would sometimes spend an hour getting my daughter down. my routine is put baby in sleep sack ,  nurse , put on music ( and only that music , so she associates it with sleep) put her in the crib , say happy nap/nighttime and then off she goes. Sometimes she fights it  but majority of the time she calms down and goes asleep without me being in the room for 45 mins . good luck 
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