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Will I be ok for a baby shower about 6 weeks after delivery?

My mom plans on throwing a shower for me (for family and family friends etc., that's how they do it, after baby has arrived) and she wants to throw it on Thanksgiving weekend (in canada thanksgiving is in oct) and I am due Sept 6 and will be induced on or before that depending on what's happening. Anyway, its a 2 hour drive away..I don't know if I will be a vaginal delivery or c section because who knows at this point, anything can happen, so I don't know how I will be recovery wise to go that far and stay over in their house for the weekend.

Should I at least be a little more comfortable by then? My mom doesn't understand excuses etc. and if I said I didnt' feel comfortable to go that far that early, she would be like "please you are so dramatic, you are fine, why are you such a diva etc." She doesn't get that not everyone is a work horse like her at all times. My mom hosted guests and stuff the minute she was home with her babies and cooking/making dessert for them etc. So I know she will think I'm being a wuss or something.

When she came over with my dad to go to dinner when I was 37 weeks she came in and was like how are you feeling and I said "tired" and she was like "STILL????" um I am still pregnant last time i checked and in the last few weeks..what the hell..

Re: Will I be ok for a baby shower about 6 weeks after delivery?

  • Everyone recoupes  at their own pace.  I'd say yes for a vaginal delivery.  With Ds was a piece of cake with small tearing.  Ds was also sleeping 5-6 hrs at a time so sleep wasn't to bad either.
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  • Agreed, everyone recovers differently. I'm two weeks after delivery and while tired could handle a shower - so I'm sure at 6 weeks I'd definitely be up for it. I think the worse you'll feel is a bit tired.

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  • My family/friends will also be hosting my baby showers after the birth of the baby. Like you said, that is when it is normal around here to do it. I am due 9/18 and my one friend is planning one for 10/25. I don't have to travel but I still think that it will be ok. It might make for a long day though.


  • I had a c/s with DS and would have been fine to drive 2 hours by 6 weeks out - but I wouldn't have been comfortable staying overnight/spending a weekend somewhere.  We were still struggling a bit with BFing, DS was still waking up every 3-4 hours overnight, I was still in some pain & having a hard time sitting up/getting out of bed by myself.  Since it's only 2 hours, you might want to keep the possibility of driving back home the night of the shower open, just in case you're not feeling up to staying over, but I imagine you'll be fine to go at that point.
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  • I was running 5 miles a day by 6 weeks post delivery.  But it is true that everyone recovers differently.  I can't imagine how sitting around opening presents for a few hours will be hard at all. 
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  • Everyone recovers differently. I had a section with my first and was back exercising by 6 weeks. 2nd I had a 3 degree tear and  started back at pilates 2 weeks postpartum. Baby 3 was a breeze and we have been walking twice a day the last two days (he is 5 days old).

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  • I would imagine that no matter what kind of birth you have you will  be just fine for a (hopefully) non-taxing event like a shower 6 weeks after delivey being that many woman have to go back to work at that point. I had a very challenging recovery with DS1 and was fine for social events at that point.

  • As everyone is saying everyone's recovery is different, but at 6wks out after a c/s I took a 12hr road trip to see family. My doc just said to make sure I stop a lot b/c I was still at risk for clots being so close to having major surgery. We had to do that anyway to feed and gas up. I think 2hrs should be ok. You'll still be tired probably getting used to night time routine and things, and it may be a long day... maybe if you can stay the night somewhere?
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  • At 6 weeks you should be fine for a 2 hour drive, plus baby will be a little more into a routine by then. You probably won't be getting a ton of sleep by that point but luckily since you will be going to stay with family you should be able to get in a good nap while they watch LO.
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  • I am the matron of honor in a wedding at 7 weeks pp.  I think I will feel pretty good.

    With ds, I had an episiotomy and a c-section and was running by 8 weeks pp.

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  • A lot of women go back to working full time 6 weeks after a vaginal birth.  If you are more comfortable with it, make it 8 weeks... standard recoup time for c/s. 
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  • I would say yes.  At 5 weeks post vaginal delivery we went on a road trip to a friend's wedding - 7 hours on the road and I was fine.

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  • I agree with everyone, it all depends on the type of delivery and your recovery speed. I had a vaginal delivery with episiotomy and at 6 weeks I went to my friend's baby shower. I was pretty much all healed up except I still had a little belly but I just wore a loose fitting shirt to hide it :-)
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