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How do you clean LO's bottles?

I seem to be a little anal with how clean DD's bottles are - I won't let anyone but myself wash them!  Up until now, shes only had BM in a bottle and they seem like they take a lot of scrubbing with a tiny brush and bottle brush to get perfectly clean (I use babyganics detergent).  I feel like there has to be an easier way to clean them, but I could be wrong.  Just wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks as I am beginning to wean from BF and there will be a lot more bottle cleaning in the next 6 months :)

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Re: How do you clean LO's bottles?

  • I love this cleaning brush set:

    It is also awesome on sippy cups!  I love it for the nipples, since the bent part is gentler on the opening.  I am also super anal about cleaning the bottles myself!

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  • I also have bm bottles. The first thing I do with an empty bottle is rinse it and put it and all the pieces in a tub of soapy water I keep on the counter. That keeps the milk from getting crusty in the corners and edges. Then when it's time to clean, the bottle brush I use is just a basic cheap one. I have also used a washcloth,but my bottles open at the top and bottom, so it's super easy to clean.
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  • I soak the bottles in hot soapy water for about 15 minutes and then clean with the bottle brush. I just place the parts on the drying rack to dry. I stopped sterilizing the bottles at right around 8 weeks. 

    ETA: We formula feed. Not sure if the makes a difference.

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  • My best advice (BF or FF, we've done both) is to rinse the bottle immediately after a feed with warm/hot water. It makes cleaning *so* much easier later. When I wash them all, I fill a sink with hot soapy water and use a basic bottle brush.
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  • Um, I just throw them in the dishwasher and do the sani rinse... I get annoyed when we don't have enough dishes for a full cycle and DH doesn't wash them (supposed to be his job) and I have to wash them by hand. I hate washing things by hand b/c I'm worried about getting all of the soap out. But I have no problem letting the dishwasher do it.
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  • I put them in the top rack of the dishwasher. I only use a brush if it looks like something got missed.


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  • My dishwasher does a great job. 
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  • Dishwasher.

    I've actually read that you can't completely sanitize things by hand washing b/c your hands can't stand how hot the water needs to be to sanitize them. Obviously not a problem with a dishwasher, and I've never noticed any missed spots or anything.

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  • I rinse with hot water. Then, when washing, I use the hottest water I can stand (borderline scalding) and wash with Palmolive baby dish soap. I also have the Munchkin bottle brush I believe. I would use the dish washer but mine never rinses well enough for me.
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