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Question about hiking w/DD while pg

Hello! I am newly pregnant with LO #2 and I am trying to keep myself going as far as exercise during nasty first tri.

DD and I have spent a lot of time hiking together this summer, with her in a kelty carrier (on my back). My first OB appt is Tuesday and obviously I will ask there too, but what is the general consensus with carrier use during pregnancy? Carrier+DD= about 30 lb, give or take. I haven't used it in a few weeks now, but before that was using it multiple times each week.



Re: Question about hiking w/DD while pg

  • Of course, ask your doctor, but if it was me, I wouldn't. If she's 30lb she has to be, what, about 3 years old? She should be able to walk herself, holding your hand. Sure, you may not be able to go as far as you're used to (depends on the kid of course... mine LOVES to walk and at age 2.5 could easily do a mile), but you're still out there getting exercise. And, maybe DD sleeps better at naptime -- bonus! Let us know what your doctor says.
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  • Docs usually say to keep doing what you have been doing.  If that involves wearing your toddler, then do it.  You may notice yourself tiring quicker and may need to take more breaks.  GL!

  • Let us know what your doctor says, please.  I also hike with my LO in a Kelty carrier pretty often.  I don't know about you, but having DS walk along me on a hike is not an option.  Our hikes are too long and difficult for him.  And any hike he could handle wouldn't be much of a workout for me at all.  Anyway, I'm not KU again yet, but hope to be soon, so I'm curious to hear your doctor's advice.
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  • Of course talk to your doctor first, but I wouldn't hesitate to keep going. Pregnant women pick up their older kids all the time, and as long as you don't have to really strain to get her in the carrier I (personally) wouldn't be concerned about it. Soon enough you probably won't be able to comfortably wear the carrier/backpack. I'd enjoy the continued hikes while I can.
  • I Hike up Half Dome with a 37 pound pack while 6 months pregnant.

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