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DS only has milk, or water, and I think is dehydrated

First off weaning hasnt been going that great. We are still on purees. But of those he likes pretty much everything we give him and is great with different flavours but still just gags and throws it up if there are lumps in it.

So I was fine with that and was just going slowly slowly. Im a SAHM, he?s my only child, his height and weight are good so I dont feel the need to rush him.

However for the last month or so, when it has been so hot here - we don?t have AC - he has just totally been refusing any pureed foods. This is what he has :-</p>

When he gets up 11am formula 9oz

Mid morning 1/2 pot greek yogurt

Before his nap 15:00 formula 9oz

Wakes 17:00

19:00 small bottle formula 4oz

20:00 small bottle formula 4oz

(21:00 small bottle formula 4oz if he wants more )

22:30 bath

23:00 bottle before bed 9oz

He?s never had a hard time finishing his bottles and his been on this feeding schedule for about 5 months now.

But now he almost never finishes his bottles and he?s just not doing enough wet nappies either.  He has access to water in his nuby cup all day but doesnt take much of that either even when I hold the bottle for him. He doesnt like juice either or water mixed with juice. Ive tried him with fresh fruit but it easily gives him indigestion.

I?m at a bit of a loss. Our next appoint with the Paedi is Sept 19th.

Any suggestions? Advice? 

Thanks ladies 


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Re: DS only has milk, or water, and I think is dehydrated

  • Is there any way you can get your pedi appointment moved up? Or maybe a phone consultation? Sorry I don't have any real advice. You said his weight is fine so if he's having enough dirty diapers a day his lack of interest probably isn't affecting his health, but I know how frustrating it can be when baby won't eat. My LO was a finicky eater and would only manage about 2 oz of pures per meal, but this month something just clicked and now she downs 4 1/2.

    From reading your post, I'm wondering about your time schedule. I also used to have L up 11:00 to 11:00 so that dad could see her when he got home from work, but when we started solids I switched her to an 8:00 to 9:00 schedule and she became a much happier baby. I read somewhere that babies naturally start to get sleepy around 7:00 p.m., and according to your schedule wouldn't he be eating dinner around 9:00? Do you eat your meals together? It encourage him if he saw you eating as well.


  • Is he getting at least 3 wet diapers a day? If so, then I wouldn't be too worried.

    Both my kids go through periods where they don't eat a lot, then the next week they eat a ton. He may just be having a few off days. If he's acting normal, still eating (even if it's not as much as usual) and he's getting at least 3 wet diapers a day, then I'd just wait until Monday to do a nurse's call. Doesn't hurt to check with a nurse, but in honesty it doesn't sound too pressing. Just keep offering water like you are. 

  • Having just come home with DD from the hospital for dehydration, I can tell you that if you LO has at least one wet diaper every 6 hours, LO is likely not dehydrated.

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  • Thankyou for your helpful input aml+japan.

    I think when it gets cooler we will change his 11-11 routine. You are right -we have it like that so Dh can spend some time with him as he doesnt get home till about 8pm.

    As to eating together, I can eat with DS but that will leave DH to eat alone. I will try it out though - needs must.

    As to dirty nappies - we dont even get one a day now and he was as regular as clockwork.

    kagI08 and kujayhawkgirl:-

    Ref the wet nappies - I guess  on a good day we get 3? It worries me cz when i get him up in the morning he doesnt always have a wet nappy and sometimes he doesnt  have one till I get him after his afternoon nap at 5pm. Thats a good 16 hrs without a wee Tongue Tied

    And he?s been off  pureed food for over a month - not just a few days

    We dont have a nurse we can call either - it?s a trip to the hospital to see another DR, or wait till the 19th as his Paedi is on holiday till then.

    thanks again ladies - I?ll just  keep doing what Im doing and hope it?s nothing more than the hot weather.


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  • Take him to the ER then. This is not enough wet diapers and I would get him checked out ASAP!

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  • image caromartin:
    Take him to the ER then. This is not enough wet diapers and I would get him checked out ASAP!

    This. Going that long with no wet diapers is really unhealthy.
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