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In need of some opinions

Hi Everyone,

I am almost at the end of my first trimester and the DH and I are thinking we want to CD. We are planners so budgeting is big for us and we have no idea where to start. I have researched many different brands and how many we need for our stash, but it's just left me more confused than ever. I don't want to try 50 different kinds of diapers, I want 1 or 2 brands so that I can get our stash ready for the LO.


Thanks guys!

Re: In need of some opinions

  • the reason everyone tries different brands is because they each fit differently and you never know how your LO will be built. I did a trial through Jillian's Drawers to see what style we liked the best then we got a fuzzibunz set for my shower.

    I have fuzzibunz (pockets), Grovia (AIO & AI2), Alvas (pockets), thirsties (covers), GMD (prefolds)

  • If you are trying to save $, I highly recommend Kawaii diapers.  The aplix ones are better made than other brands and they are more affordable. 

    But yes, all diapers fit all babies differently. The upside is that diapers have great resale value.  I'd buy some used diapers of different kinds to try things out, then resell the ones that don't work well for your LO.

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  • I was like you, where I only wanted to buy one brand instead of buying a bunch of different brands and trying it out.  Looking back, I see how that was risky because not every diaper fits every baby.  It might seem like a good idea, but not turn out so well.

    That being said, I got really lucky and loved my choice even after the baby was born.  I researched (obsessed!) and settled on Softbums for my newborn.  I wanted a OS diaper because I knew that there was no guarantee that I could spend money later on after he outgrew the newborn diapers.  They have a drawstring/toggle system that sizes the rise and size of the leg holes so that it really did fit my 6 lb 12 oz baby.  They weren't trim on him at all, but I had no leaks.  (I have a picture of him that cracks me up every time.  He was a week old, wearing the nuclear orange colored one and the crotch almost came down to his knees!)  He grew into them really quickly and now they fit much better.  I bought them all used on eBay and made out really well.

    Now, I'm in love with AlvaBaby's 4.0s (aka color snap double gusset diapers).  They cost about as much brand new as all of my used Softbums, if not less.  I don't know how well they'll fit a newborn, but my son is 11 weeks old and I have to snap them on the second rise setting (out of 3, instead of the usual 2), so I think that they might have actually fit him as a newborn.  It all depends on the baby.  Some people in our B/S/T group on facebook say that the 3.0s fit their baby better.

    I hope that this helps! 

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  • A diaper trial is a good idea, or buying a used to see what works.  I have a bunch of different far our fav is still prefolds and covers.  We have never had a leak  in them.  I have one Grovia AIO and LOVE IT.  It is crazy absorbent.  I like the fit of my OhKaties, but my new one was leaking.  I think it is because of the insert being scrunched up though.  I have had leaks in NuBunz, BabyCity, BabyLand, and Alvababy...but it may be a fit issue.  Madelyn didn't fit in any of our pockets or OS dipes until she was about 10 lbs, so keep that in mind, too.  I have 2 Bumgenious XS AIO's and they worked great for when she was tiny.

  • we went with prefolds and covers and so far have never looked back.  It was really important for me to use cotton as I have kiddos with sensitive skin and I didn't want to be dealing with the stink issues of synthetic fibers.  We bought the imagine smartfit prefolds off, and have a variety of covers from nickis and jillians drawers.  jillians had some wonderful and gently used covers for sale which made it all a bit cheaper.  The covers we had/have are: 1 aplix thirsties XS, one aplix rumparooz newborn, 2 thirsties duo wraps size one, 1 aplix flips, 4 snap flips, 1 snap blueberry, and 2 snap imagine covers.  The benefit of prefolds is that you fold them to fit so the "fit issue" is almost nonexistent as long as your cover fits as well.  All the covers I have worked with DD and none leaked.
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  • I highly recommend a newborn trial like through you get most of your money back (except a deposit) and you can choose cash or to put it towards an order. They are super helpful and are constantly adding more products!
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