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Anyone still nauseous and throwing up?

I am 14 weeks today and still battling with all-day nausea and weekday morning throwing up. I was wondering when each of you were lucky enough to stop feeling exhausted and nauseous.

Re: Anyone still nauseous and throwing up?

  • I still feel nauseous but haven't been throwing up this week, so I'm hoping I'm finally getting over it. I have been increasingly tired but that may be partially because school started and I teach.




  • How many weeks are you? I am a teacher too and was hoping to be feeling better for Monday which is the start of our new school year.
  • I have thrown up everyday this week.  I had morning sickness my entire pregnancy with DD, with exception of a few good weeks here and there/
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  • ME ME ME!! I wish every now and than I could just have a normal day.  Ive already thrown up today.  So not fun.
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  • Still very, very nauseated.  Every day.  I haven't thrown up in a while but I'm not much of a puker anyway.
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  • I've gone off my anti-nausea drug (the Canadian version of Zofran, I think) just to see how I feel.  It's a fun experiment, I tell ya.  I'm super nauseous, but not puking, thankfully.  The weirdest is that I'm nauseous and STARVING.

  • I was still throwing up through 16 weeks. It's starting to taper off a bit now at 17. 
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  • Me. I am still on reglan and zofran and still nauseated. It's changing a little though. Now I am more sick if I go too long without eating or if I eat too much as opposed to 24/7.
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  • I am in my 15th week and have been very lucky to have never thrown up. I felt sick a few times but nothing that lasted more then a few hours. The past month I have had no problems eating everything. Hope you all get past this soon.
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  • I have been nauseous my whole pregnancy but thank G-d I haven't thrown up! Today has been a bad day for the nausea I would have thought that I would have been over that by now. I try to focus on something else I have a busy job and sometimes when I focus on that it helps take my mind off of the nausea... but it would be different if I was throwing up for sure!!! 

    However, I am sooooo glad the dizzy spells have ceased to rear their ugly head since around 12 weeks!!!! 

     Hopefully it gets better for you soon!!Smile

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  • Me too! Ick!

     14 weeks today and these last 2 weeks it's definitely gotten worse for me rather than better.  Bleh.

     Hopefully we'll all see some relief soon :)

  • Oh my word yes! I'm almost 17 weeks and I'm still having a lot of nausea and vomitting, I'm so worried this will linger my whole pregnancy :(
  • I had very minor nausea early this pregnancy, but I threw up for the first time this Friday, at 16 weeks. I really thought I was past the time for morning sickness but I guess not.
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  • I am still having a lot of aversions and threw up before dinner today.  I am still throwing up several times a week, have on and off nausea, mostly when I get hungry (but then nothing sounds remotely appealing) and have given up thinking there is an end in sight :)   I hope there is, but I have just quit thinking that as I keep getting disappointed, ha!


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